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Have divorce decree translated

officially recognized translation of your divorce decree

from 76,90 € incl. VAT
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We are able to help you with the following topics:

  • Have divorce decree translated
  • Certified translation of your divorce decree
  • Have official documents recognized abroad
  • Certified translation of official documents

Express delivery within Germany for orders placed by 12 noon: 48 hours ( See delivery details )

Details of your divorce decree translation


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Available in any language combination
  • By court-sworn translators
  • Certified translations recognized by all authorities and offices
  • Express delivery possible within 48h
  • Digital copy possible in advance

Translation of your divorce decree into any desired language!

In order to document ownership rights and custody in Germany and abroad in a legally secure manner, you need a translation of your divorce decree. Authorities usually require a certified translation of the decree. lingoking offers you the certified translation of your divorce decree into any desired language!

Who is requesting the document?

  • Authorities and offices
  • Courts
  • Registry office
  • Estate trustee

What is the document needed for?

  • Divorces
  • New marriages
  • Clarity in inheritances
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Equalization of gains
  • Separation support
  • Name changes

You have just been through a divorce and want to assert the property rights awarded to you — including those abroad? Then you cannot avoid having the divorce decree translated, in most cases even the certified translation is required. lingoking only works with professionally trained translators to provide you with the best service for all legal documents. We’ll be happy to help you!

lingoking offers you the certified translation of your divorce decree into any desired language. Order your translation easily online in just a few clicks. A scan or photo of your divorce decree is sufficient for the translation, we do not need the original.

Note: The specialist translation of your document follows a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page. Our certified translations are made by translators sworn in Germany and are accepted by every authority as standard.

Order your translation uncomplicated in just 3 steps. You can download your translated divorce decree directly after completion via our platform. You will receive the certified translation by post within a few days.

Do you have any further questions? Then check out our FAQs here .

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Only 3 steps to your translated divorce decree



Available at any time! A few clicks are all it takes, and your translated divorce decree will be ready for you to download in just a few days.



Simple and straightforward! Pay for your proof of residence translation easily and conveniently with PayPal, instant bank transfer, credit card or on account.



Ready yet? Now just upload the photo, scan or document and we will hand over your divorce decree to the right specialist translator.

Fast. Professional. Legally binding. Wherever and whenever you want.


"New start without obstacles"

Only a few years after my divorce, I met and fell in love with my current husband on holiday in Spain. We decided to live with him in Madrid and also to get married. I therefore had to have some documents translated and certified. Big thanks to lingoking. All the visits to the authorities were super easy. Now my new chapter can begin.

Julia Kaufmann (41) | Fitness Coach

one of our 203
new starting clients

We have already processed around 43,000 orders and – according to our customers – we have done a pretty great job. Over 2,890 customers have rated our service with 4.7/5.

Our service pledge

Do you want to end your last marriage or make a new attempt with a new partner? Don't worry about the necessary translations of your documents, but concentrate fully on your plan! We support you with our expertise and our extensive network of professional native translators.

Simply digital.

Simply digital.

With our digital service, we are available for you around the clock. All you need to do is upload a copy and we will find the right translator for your needs and language.

It doesn't get any faster than that.

It doesn't get any faster than that.

Your personal document is transmitted to us in just a few clicks. You can download a copy of your translation directly from our platform within a very short time.

Recognized everywhere

Recognized everywhere

With our broad network of court-sworn specialist translators, we can guarantee not only rapid processing of your text documents, but also recognition before international offices and authorities.

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Off to the office, to the authority, into the new relationship! Leave past legacies behind and turn over a new leaf! Where and whenever you need it. You have earned it!

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