Become a translator for lingoking

Become a translator at lingoking

Are you a court-sworn and/or specialist translator? Do you care about quality and reliability?


Then join our worldwide network of translators and help us break down language barriers!

What to expect when working with lingoking

We want our translators to have a steady workload and enjoy their projects. We place jobs with translators through our intuitive platform and offer hands-on support for all assignments.


At lingoking, you get to work on interesting and challenging assignments from well-known and globally respected clients. No two projects are ever quite the same.


Our specialists are here to support you with your project from start to finish. Need a helping hand? Just ask.

Steady workload

We have clients all over the world who send us translation requests every day. For you that translates to a steady workload across a wide range of topics.


Our translators work on a wide variety of translation projects: from technical texts to certified documents. Plus, they get to work from all over the world!

Your virtual workplace

As a translator for lingoking, you get your personal login that takes you to an overview of all your jobs. This is where you can accept new requests and view recent and ongoing tasks as well as payments.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Your dashboard shows you all your recently updated translation jobs.

All your tasks in one place

Your personal login gives you access to all your ongoing and completed translations as well as new job requests and payments.

Your personal login area

Simply log in using your personal login credentials and manage all your translation jobs and payments.

Our linguists speak for us

No borders
"There are no limits for translators at lingoking. Our linguists get to fulfill their potential and express their love of language!"
Andrea, Teamlead Inhouse Translation & Project Management
Freedom to grow
"What I like most is that every team member has the opportunity to grow as a professional and contribute their ideas."
Johanna, Inhouse Translator at lingoking
Great way of working
"I love the way we work in the 'lingokingdom'! I'm very grateful for the many successful projects I've been a part of. "
Valentin Zamfirescu, Übersetzer
Young and competent
"Lingo has become a hobby for me: we get to make things more efficient, outwit AI (so it doesn't come for our jobs) and learn new things all the time!"
Aleksandar Ivkovac, Übersetzer 
Variety every day
"lingoking offers something new every day. Working at lingoking allows me to hone and apply my translation skills every day across a variety of projects."
Jonas, Inhouse Translator

What do we expect from you?

At lingoking, we care about quality and customer satisfaction. That is why we expect our lingoking translators to meet the following criteria:


Degree in translation or 

professional experience as a translator

Computer skills
Computer skills

MS-Office, CAT tools, DTP tools

Further Qualifications
Further Qualifications

Sworn in at a German court 

Registered as a freelancer 
Registered as a freelancer 
Soft Skills
Soft Skills

A diligent and reliable way of working

Customer and service-oriented behaviour

Are we speaking your language?

Your registration checklist

Application documents


University transcripts

Written references

Certificate of appointment

only applies for sworn translators

Check the following browser settings to register online

Activate Javascript

Allow cookies

Clear browser cache

Log in

Please use the email address you also want to receive project offers to.

Registration with lingoking in a few steps

Your task

Have your application documents ready (see checklist above)!

Our Task

Our project management team will review your documents.

Your Task
Take a translation test

We may ask you to perform a short test translation.

Our task

Welcome to our network! We look forward to working with you!

Looking to join us as an in-house translator?

Please browse our in-house job vacancies.  

We look forward to your application!

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Do you have any more questions?

Get in touch if you have any questions about working with us or the application process itself:

Andrea Dormaier
Teamlead In-house Translation & 
Project Management

Frequently asked questions 
from our translators

Please note: 

Due to our website relaunch, the login for our translators has changed 

Please save the new link! Many thanks!

FAQs: Registration

We have a three-step registration process:


  • Enter your contact details.
  • Specify your language combinations, subject area and language service type.
  • Upload your application documents, including your CV and references/testimonials.


Once you have completed these steps, you are registered on the platform.  

A lingoking team member will then check your profile.

Registering on our platform offers you the following advantages:


  • You can communicate with the lingoking team at any time.
  • You also have a direct line of communication with clients (anonymised).
  • You can accept new orders whenever it suits you.
  • It allows us to expand our customer base by taking on orders from new clients.

Anyone looking to translate for lingoking must meet certain criteria. To add you to our platform as a freelance translator, we need certain documents from you, such as certificates and references, which we will then review.  


You can upload these files on the platform and rest assured that any information you share with us is data-protected.


Registration guarantees smooth communication with the lingoking team as well as with customers.

We care about delivering impeccable quality to our customers. We cannot assume that all applicants are qualified translators or interpreters. That is why we need proof in the form of a degree and reference letters.

You need a translation or interpreting degree from an ATA-certified university/college or several years of proven work experience.


After your registration process, our team will review your documents and contact you to discuss the next steps.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. This means that you must fill them in to continue the registration process.

To make sure that our systems display the delivery or start date of an order in your time zone,  we ask you to set your time zone when you register.


For text translation orders, the delivery date will be displayed according to your time zone. The time you see may differ from what the client sees, depending on their time zone.

FAQs: Profile

Uploading a profile picture to the platform is not mandatory. However, seeing a face and knowing who you are working with makes the collaboration process more pleasant.

Only the lingoking team will be able to see your profile.

FAQs: Matching process

You can log in to the platform at any time. Under “Enquiries”, you can see all available jobs that match your profile. You will also receive an email whenever we post an order on our platform that matches your language combination.

We cover all language combinations, however, order volumes for a particular language combination can vary.

Either there are no current jobs in your language combination, or you have not yet been accredited.

For fixed-price orders, you will receive an email with all the order details. As soon as you click on “Accept”, you accept the order under the conditions stated and the job becomes binding.

FAQs: Orders

Once we have verified your skills, you can see all the translation jobs that match your skills and start accepting new orders.

Certified translations to be submitted in Germany can only be performed by a translator sworn in Germany.


Different regulations apply depending on the state in which the translation is required. The client should check on the translation requirements with the competent authority before placing the order. If no such information is available at the time of commissioning, please ask your client which certification they need (e.g., German certification, Austrian certification, etc.) before executing the order.

If you are unable to carry out the assignment for valid reasons, you are first obliged to find a replacement who can take over the assignment for you.


If you cannot find a replacement, please let our team know as soon as possible.

Once you have accepted an order, you can no longer cancel it.


If you cannot complete the order for a valid reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

There are several ways to fix the problem:


Delete your browser’s cache and cookies.

Use another browser to access the platform (we recommend Chrome).  


If you have tried these two options and the problem still persists, please send us an email with a detailed description of the problem along with at least one screenshot. It is also helpful if you send us your browser data. Please send this information to


We will do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

FAQs: Payment

The lingoking platform is extremely secure. We do not pass on any data you share on the platform to third parties. Having your data on our platform is more secure than if you were to email it to us.


Providing your bank details is optional. As soon as you wish to release an order, we need your bank details to transfer your payment.

Translation fees at lingoking vary depending on the assignment and other factors such as language combination, time frame and complexity. If you have further questions, please contact us: