Professional translation of your contract inlcuding quality assurance - on request, with certification by court-sworn translators.

Why do you need a translated

International recognition & translation 
of contracts and (commercial) agreements.

Translating international contracts is crucial to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the terms. Lawyers should review translations to fulfil legal requirements. The range of international contracts that are translated are diverse and require a clear understanding of the terms to avoid potential future disputes.

Investment contracts

Contracts between investors and host countries that regulate investment protection and promotion often require translations. These contracts may contain investment conditions, arbitration procedures and other important clauses.

International treaties

International agreements and treaties between states are usually translated into the official languages of the states involved. These can be bilateral or multilateral agreements covering various areas such as trade, environmental protection and human rights.


Labour agreements

International organisations, such as the United Nations, often conclude contracts with employees from different countries. These contracts may require translations to ensure that all employees understand the terms and conditions.


Licence agreements

When companies or individuals grant or receive licences for intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks or copyrights, in different countries, the licence agreements must be translated into the respective languages.

Co-operation agreements

International cooperation agreements between organisations, governments or non-governmental organisations often require translations to ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly.

Multilateral agreements

Agreements involving several countries, such as international trade agreements or environmental protection agreements, are usually translated into the official languages of all contracting parties.

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Translation of your Contract

Order your translation conveniently online in just a few clicks. A scan or photo of the contract is sufficient for the translation. We do not need the original.


· Translated by native specialist translators with industry expertise


· Including quality assurance under four-eyes principle


· Download of the finished translation on request


· Certified translation on request (recognised by all official authorities)


Standard delivery:

After three to five business days you will receive the translation digitally in advance for review. Upon your approval, you can download the translation from your dashboard.

Please note

The certification is carried out by a court-sworn translator who is eligible to legally certify documents in Germany. Please note that we only offer certified translations from German or into German. Our certified translations are made by translators sworn in Germany and are accepted by every authority as standard.


Specialist translations of documents follow a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page.


For upload:

In order to protect your personal data, we only ask you to upload your files at the end of the ordering process.

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