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Professional translation of Specialised Texts – on request, incl. certification by court-sworn translators.

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A specialised translation (also referred to as professional, technical specialist or just non-certified translation) is the translation of texts or documents that require expertise in a specific field. Unlike general translation, which involves transferring the general content of a text into another language, specialised translation requires specific knowledge in a particular area to translate the text accurately and precisely. The translation of technical specialist documents is a great challenge for translators. Many years of experience, the correct handling of brand-specific terminology and the corresponding specialist and industry knowledge are very important.

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Specialist translation by native-speaking experts with industry expertise

Do you want to have a specialist text translated but cannot find a corresponding translation product in our list of services? Simply order any other specialist translation and, if necessary, discuss the matter directly with the translator. Best results and highest satisfaction guaranteed! The number of specialist texts is extensive. This makes it all the more difficult to find suitable translators for specialised translations from exotic industries, special trades or commerce. Smaller, local translation agencies are usually limited in their network or have specialised in one industry. Our business model solves this problem by matching your individual request to the appropriate translators with the relevant skills and industry knowledge. lingoking only works with professionally trained, native translators to provide you with the best service for your specialist translation.

Manuals, handbooks, Info brochures

Trade contracts between companies or countries are often the subject of translations. These contracts may include trade terms, delivery agreements, payment terms, and other commercial arrangements.

Press Releases & Company newsletters

Do you want to expand and at the same time strengthen the bond between your employees and the company? Among other things, with technical foreign words and an emotional customer approach? With our professional translation service and our network of native-speaker specialist translators, we guarantee not only an accurate translation, but also more engagement and satisfaction in your staff.

Short text translation, Postings & Business letters

Do you want your emails to be convincing across the board — in terms of content and language? For this, professionalism must be at the top of your priority list. And that is exactly what we offer you. Thus, we not only provide you with professional specialist translators, but also take great care to ensure that all your sensitive business data is handled discreetly and securely throughout the entire process. This allows you to take full care of your international partners.

Contract Agreements with International Staff

International organizations, such as the United Nations, often enter into contracts with employees from different countries. These contracts may require translations to ensure that all employees understand the terms.

Announcements and invitations

You would like to address foreign partners or co-sponsors with your announcement/invitation? In such a case, a high-quality translation in the respective foreign language is a prerequisite! Leave nothing to chance and have your announcement/invitation translated by professionally trained translators. This guarantees successful transmission to the right addressee!

International Cooperation Agreements

International cooperation agreements between organizations, governments, or non-governmental organizations often require translations to ensure smooth collaboration.

Multilateral agreements

Agreements involving multiple countries, such as international trade agreements or environmental protection agreements, are typically translated into the official languages of all contracting parties.

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Standard delivery:

After three to five business days you will receive the translation digitally in advance for review. Upon your approval, you can download the translation from your dashboard.


Please note

Specialist translations of documents follow a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page.

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