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Arabic translations

by sworn translators

About 350 million people worldwide speak Arabic - in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, but also in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, as well as in some African countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. 


The Arab world has an important significance for the economy. This part of the world is home to traditional and modern companies from a wide range of industries that build and maintain international business relationships. Arabic translators ensure proper written communication.


Our web-based translation app allows you to order written translations from all over the world –  easily and quickyl. All certified translations are officially recognised and verified for all target countries.

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We ensure that your certified translation is recognised by all public institutions.

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You can choose any language for your certified translation.


As we are an online platform you can book translations 24/7.


After uploading of your documents, your translation will automativally be forwarded to a suitable translator.


We guarantee sensitive and confidential handling of your data according to ISO standards, including SSL encryption.

Translation of all Arabic Dialects

We translate your documents from all 
Arabic dialects!

Thanks to our platform, we can recruit translators from anywhere in the world. 

This gives us the opportunity to translate in all languages and dialects.

Facts about Arabic

Did you know?
The world language no. 6

424 million people speak Arabic worldwide. Besides Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Arabic is an official language in 27 countries. This makes Arabic one of the most important languages in the world and thus the demand for Arabic translations is also very high. 

Did you know?
Egyptian? Omani?

There is a wide range of Arabic dialects, but there is only one official Arabic script: Modern Standard Arabic. It is used especially in official and religious contexts.

Did you know?
The language of the Quran and poetry

Almost unique is the influence of religion on the language. Thus, the followers of Muhammad (around 570 to 632), the founder of Islam, wrote down the doctrine of God’s (Allah's) singularity and sole sovereignty in Arabic. This boosted the status of the Arabic language, something almost sacred surrounds it. 

Did you know?
Relevance for Germany

Approx. 1.5 million citizens in Germany have an Arab migration background. But political exchange and economic relations, especially with states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, are also becoming increasingly important and reflect the relevance of the language.

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