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What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is made of official documents such as birth certificates, certificates, driving licenses, etc. After certification by a sworn translator, the translation itself is also an official document. Sworn translators confirm the accuracy and completeness of the translation by signing, stamping and the certification statement.


At lingoking, we ensure that all translations are carried out by sworn translators who adhere to the European quality standards of DIN EN ISO 17100.

Why do some translations have to be certified?

Certified translations are primarily required for official documents for submission to authorities and offices to ensure that the translated document is an accurate and complete representation of the original.


Certified translations of documents can be particularly relevant for cross-border activities, such as immigration or emigration, studying abroad, etc. In many countries, there are specific legal requirements as to which translated documents must be certified.

What should certified translations contain?

A certified translation is a translated document, including a signed attestation clause from the translator or a translation agency confirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation, bearing an official stamp or seal. It serves as a legal or official record, attesting to the authenticity of the translation for use in various official or administrative purposes.

Acceptance by Authorities

Certified translations are often required for official or legal purposes, such as immigration applications, court proceedings, or academic admissions, so it's essential that the translation meets the specific requirements and standards of the relevant authorities or institutions.

Certification Statement of a court sworn translator

The translated document must be accompanied by a certification statement signed by the translator or a representative of the translation agency, affirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation and attesting to the translator's qualifications.

Official Stamp or Seal

A certified translation typically bears an official stamp or seal from the translator or translation agency, further validating its authenticity and suitability for official or legal use.

Certified documents an overview

There are a large number of documents that need to be certified translated if they are to be submitted to the authorities. The translation must accurately reflect the content of the original document and ensure that all information, including text, illustrations and formatting, is faithfully reproduced in the target language.

Which occassions do you need a certified translation for?


Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, etc. 

Academic certificates
Academic certificates

Abitur certificates, employer's references, diploma or bachelor's/master's certificates, etc.

Personal documents
Personal documents

Driver's licences, certificate of inheritance, tax return, etc.

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FAQs: Certified Translations

According to the Federal Foreign Office, German documents are often only recognised by the authorities of another state if their authenticity or probative value has been established in a special procedure. Depending on the country, this is done either by an apostille or legalisation.

You need an apostille if the country in which you wish to present your documents is a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents of 15 October 1961.


You need authentication/legalisation if the country in which you wish to present your documents is not a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents of 15 October 1961.

Certified translations may only be produced by sworn translators. They are sworn in at court for certain languages. 

We deliver certified translations within three to five working days as standard. If you need it faster, you can also book our express delivery service and receive your certified translation within two to three working days.

Certified translations to be submitted in Germany can only be processed by a translator sworn in Germany.


Different regulations apply depending on the state in which the translation is required. Please check in advance with the competent authority what the necessary requirements are for this translation.


If you order a certified translation from lingoking, please indicate the country in which this document is required! This information must be provided so that a suitable translator can take on the job.


Note: If you have to submit the translation to the consulate, make sure you specify whether the translation is to be done explicitly by a translator registered at the consulate. The consulate will be happy to give you more information on this.

The price of a certified translation depends on the type and scope of the document to be translated. On average, a certified translation of a document costs between 40 and 80 euros.


With our price calculator, you can see the price right from step one. Calculate the price of your certified translation now!

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