Legal Translation

Professional translation of Legal Documents inlcuding quality assurance - on request, with certification by court-sworn translators.

An overview of the most important 
legal translation services

The translation of legal documents can be considered the supreme discipline in the translation industry. For here it requires not only specialist knowledge and the desired language skills, but also many years of study and a judicial oath. Not only authorities require such translations, but also in court only translations by sworn translators are valid.

Legal Specialist Texts
Document Translation with Legal Context

Even if they do not have to be certified, legal texts are full of complexity. They require the translator to have knowledge of the jurisdiction of the source and target country. Not to be underestimated is the multitude of legal fields, each of which may have different terminologies and sentence structures in the respective languages. Depending on your needs, we will find the right legal specialist translator for the desired target language and the corresponding area of law.

Civil Status Documents
Personal Legal Documents Valid before Courts and Authorities

With a stamp, a signature and a attestation clause by the translator, these official documents are also valid in court. The court-certified translator confirms the correctness of the ordered translation by this measure. In some cases — especially in the case of proofs abroad — an over-authentication in the form of a legislation or apostille may even be necessary. This in turn confirms the correctness of the signature. Both may and can only be carried out by translators who are sworn in by a court in Germany.

Contracts and Authorisations
International Legally Valid Translations

For lawyers, legal departments and law firms, it is not only strict confidentiality that plays a major role. For companies operating internationally, legal protection between two parties and/or stakeholders is also of great value. With our wide range of legal specialist translations, we offer you security, discretion, accuracy and legal validity with our network of sworn translators. If desired, we are also happy to provide a confidentiality agreement.

Have legally valid documents translated 
professionally and discreetly in a few easy steps:

Your Legal Translation

Order your translation conveniently online in just a few clicks. A scan or photo of your legal text is sufficient for the translation. We do not need the original.


· Translated by native specialist translators with industry expertise


· Including quality assurance under four-eyes principle


· Download of the finished translation on request


· Certified translation on request (recognised by all official authorities)


Standard delivery:

After three to five business days you will receive the translation digitally in advance for review. Upon your approval, you can download the translation from your dashboard.

Please note

The certification is carried out by a court-sworn translator who is eligible to legally certify documents in Germany. Please note that we only offer certified translations from German or into German. Our certified translations are made by translators sworn in Germany and are accepted by every authority as standard.


Specialist translations of documents follow a standard page rate. We assume a length of up to 350 words per page.


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