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Thai is one of the key languages in Southeast Asia, with over 70 million speakers worldwide, primarily in Thailand. It is also spoken by Thai communities in other countries. The importance of Thai translations lies in communication with the Thai population and the growing demand for translations for business, legal, medical, and technical documents, as well as for e-commerce and tourism.


Our web-based translation app allows you to order written translations from all over the world –  easily and quickyl. All certified translations are officially recognised and verified for all target countries.

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We ensure that your certified translation is recognised by all public institutions.

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We translate your documents from all 
Thai dialects!

Thanks to our platform, we can recruit translators from anywhere in the world. 

This gives us the opportunity to translate in all languages and dialects.

Facts about Thai

Did you know?
Tonal language

Thai is a tonal language, where the pitch of a word can change its meaning. There are five tones in Thai: high, low, rising, falling, and mid tone.

Did you know?
Flavors of Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is renowned worldwide for its diversity, flavors, and fresh ingredients. Popular dishes include Pad Thai (fried noodles), Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), and Som Tam (green papaya salad).

Did you know?
Traditions and Festivals

Thailand is known for its rich culture and traditions, including the traditional Thai massage and healing system, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and the annual Songkran Water Festival celebrating the Thai New Year.

Did you know?
Relevance for Germany

In Germany, there is a growing number of Thai immigrants and Thai communities contributing to the cultural diversity of the country. The demand for Thai translations has also increased due to business relationships, tourism, and cultural exchange between Thailand and Germany.

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