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Professional translation of Amazon Listings – on request, incl. proofreading by native-speaking/subject matter experts.
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Amazon Listing Translations
PPC, LISTINGS and A+ Content

In Amazon listing translations, there's a need for concise yet compelling language to capture potential customers' attention quickly amidst a crowded marketplace. Additionally, translators must consider the specific requirements and limitations of Amazon's platform, such as character count restrictions for Titles and Bullet points. Finally, effective keyword research and localisation are crucial to ensure that the translated listings are optimised for search visibility and resonate with the target audience in different regions or languages.

A+ Content

Maintain the original message's clarity and effectiveness while adapting it to resonate with the target audience's language and cultural preferences. Pay close attention to product features, benefits, and keywords to ensure the translated content maximises engagement and drives conversions on the Amazon platform.

PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click)

Ensure that keywords and ad copy are accurately translated to effectively target the desired audience in different languages. Additionally, consider cultural nuances and preferences to optimise ad messaging for maximum relevance and engagement, ultimately driving clicks and conversions on the Amazon platform.


It's crucial to maintain consistency with the original product information while adapting it to the language and cultural preferences of the target audience. Pay attention to keywords, product features and benefits to optimise search visibility and ensure the translated listings effectively attract and convert potential customers on the Amazon platform.


It's essential to convey key product features and benefits clearly and concisely while optimising for relevant keywords in the target language. Maintain consistency with the overall tone and style of the listing to ensure coherence and effectiveness in communicating with potential customers browsing the product page.


It's crucial to accurately convey essential product information, including brand, model, size, colour, and key features, while optimising for relevant keywords in the target language. Maintain brevity and clarity to ensure that the translated titles capture the attention of potential customers and improve search visibility on the Amazon platform.

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We translate in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 standard and cross-check and approve your SEO-optimised listing translations based on your keyword lists.

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Translation of your Amazon Listings

Do you want to expand and rank as high as possible with your products? Just like Google, Amazon works with search algorithms.


Order your professional translation online with a few clicks. With the help of tools such as Helium10 and JungleScout, our professional technical translators and Amazon experts, ensure reliable keyword research and competitive analysis. 


· professional translation of your listing by native speakers with Amazon expertise


· final quality check inhouse by us


· easy download of the finished translation


Included in the package:

· 1 title (150 characters)

· 5 bullet points (250 characters)

· Final quality check

Additional options

Use the wide range of additional translation options for an even more professional AMAZON marketplace presence.


· SEO optimisation

· Keyword research (for target country)

· Customised keyword list

· Express service (2-3 working days)

· A+ Content (max. 600 words)

· Additional child ASINs (variations)

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