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  • BASIC Paket:
    The fastest and cheapest option for the translation of your listings – a professional specialist translation with a final quality check by lingoking.
  • SEO Premium:
    Would you like to increase your reach further and make your products accessible to even more customers? Then you shouldn’t ignore the importance of keyword analysis. Therefore, as Amazon experts, our professional translators will be happy to carry out keyword research and competition analysis for the respective target country for you using tools such as Helium10 and JungleScout.
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Get the perfect Amazon Listing translation at lingoking

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  • All languages from a single source
  • Translation by native-language Amazon experts
  • Quick and easy booking of your listings
  • SEO-optimised technical translation of your listing
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Amazon MARKETPLACES languages

Amazon listing translation into all EU marketplace languages

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  • Amazon Marketplace UK:
    German - English - translation
  • Amazon Marketplace France:
    German - French - translation
  • Amazon Marketplace Spain:
    German - Spanisch - translation
  • Amazon Marketplace Italy:
    German - Italian - translation
  • Amazon Marketplace Netherlands:
    German- Netherlands - translation
  • Amazon Marketplace Poland:
    German - Polish - translation

How it works

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to your translated Amazon listing



Put together your SEO translation project individually and choose from all Amazon options.



Lingoking automatically connects your project request with the perfect translator from our network.



After checking by lingoking, your optimised listings are ready for download in the desired format.

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  • Your SEO-optimised Amazon listing translation in just a few clicks. Find out how you can achieve this and what perspectives our WebApp offers you in our comprehensive white paper.
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Even more lingoking! The lingoking pro service.
  • Share your documents with our team.
  • We connect you with the right specialist translator.
  • Benefit from the extensive infrastructure
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Discover the diversity of our translation.APP.

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  • Discover the diversity of our offer. Over 64 different and customisable Web.APPs are waiting to be booked by you.
  • If you book translations at regular intervals or do not want to deprive your team or department of the benefits, then use our Business.APP.

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Our lingoking service pledge

Do you want to be convincing from the very first moment? Then, with our help, you can ensure a professional appearance that directly convinces your customers — in any language! We are always on hand to support you with our expertise and our extensive network of professional native translators.

Simply digital and available around the clock
Simply digital and available around the clock

With our digital service, we are available for you around the clock. A quick upload is all it takes, and we will find you the right translator for your project.

It doesn't get any faster than that.
It doesn't get any faster than that.

Your personal document is transmitted to us in just a few clicks. You will receive your translated Abitur certificate in a few days. Optionally, you can receive a digital copy by e-mail in advance directly from our translators.

 (Subject) specific
(Subject) specific

With our team of native specialist translators, we guarantee that your Amazon listings are processed in a way that is country-specific and appropriate to the target group.

You want to be on the safe side internationally as well? These translations might also be of interest to you:

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