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  • Per booked Amazon listing: 1 title and 5 bullet points
  • A+ content, child ASINs, product descriptions and video/image texts bookable on request

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Similar to Google or other search engines, Amazon also has an algorithm that calculates when and where a product appears in the search results. In other words, if you rely on a good Amazon listing, you can use it to move up in the search results and thus increase your chances of making more sales.

Faulty translations in sales can cause the customer to doubt your professionalism and end up choosing a different product. Therefore, make sure that all your texts are translated correctly to convince even more customers of you and your products.

There's no second chance to make a first impression.

The adjustment of, among other things, weights, date formats and currencies is called localisation. This process is very important when translating Amazon product descriptions — after all, your customers should only receive correct information! Again, localisation depends heavily on the target country & audience for which the translation is intended. Is a product text translated into English to make the content more understandable for an English-speaking customer based in Germany or is the description published in the USA? The more background information you give us when booking, the more "destination-specific" we can translate and localise.

We base our Amazon listing translation on a classic Amazon product description and the conditions applicable to Amazon.

This means:

  • 1 title (150 characters, incl. spaces)
  • 5 bullet points (250 characters each, incl. spaces)

In order for your visitor to also become a buyer, you first have to convince them. With a professional Amazon listing, this is no problem as long as you observe the following points:

  • Only use product images of the best quality --> if your customers can't see exactly what you are offering, they will quickly leave again
  • Design a meaningful product title that appeals to customers and gives them important information directly
  • Avoid (translation) errors in your texts, this looks unprofessional and makes many customers doubt your product (this applies to every language)
  • Focus on the benefits of your product, why should the customer buy your product?

There are subtle nuances and differentiations in every language which — even with a very good command of the foreign language — can hardly be adhered to and translated accurately as a layperson. In general, we therefore advise against translating menus yourself. This weakens credibility with your reader and rarely makes a professional impression. You may even falsify the content to your disadvantage.

It is better to opt for a professional translator who is guaranteed to translate the content of your Amazon listing with perfect grammar and expression. An additional quality check by a second native specialist translator, a so-called proofreading, offers even more security and is part of the standard procedure of professional translation agencies. Alternatively, if you would like to translate yourself, we also offer proofreading services. The texts in the source and target language are compared with each other and the translation is checked for errors.

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The most important answers on the topic Amazon listing translation

Do you have questions about the ordering/translation process for Amazon listings?

lingoking offers you various options: Standard delivery usually takes 3 to 5 working days. In the case of express delivery, the translator will complete the translation within 2 to 3 working days. If your product descriptions are very extensive, delivery may take a little longer. However, we always aim to deliver as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards. We are also happy to put together a team of translators for you for larger projects. Contact us, we will advise you free of charge and of course respond to your individual wishes.

lingoking translates all document types. The price for the translation of your Amazon listing is generally based on the size of a standard Amazon product description. This contains a title, five bullet points and a product description. We offer you the translation of your Amazon listing starting from 34.51 Euro. In addition, our express service is also available to you if you need it very fast.

Have the exact costs for the translation of your Amazon listing displayed in the lingoking product configurator now. The best thing is: With us, you can also order the translation straight away. At lingoking, we guarantee the highest quality, fast implementation and your complete satisfaction — all at an unbeatable price.

We translate your Amazon listings from German and English into French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish as well as English and German. Naturally by specialist translators with the relevant industry knowledge!

Order your translation easily online in just a few clicks. You can easily upload your product descriptions during the order process. Speed, professionalism and confidentiality are the be-all and end-all for us.

In order to provide you with the best possible quality, your translation will only be carried out by native translators. Only our translators will have access to your personal documents. Discretion and security are very important to us, which is why the encryption and upload in the digital order process also follow the highest security levels.

Additional quality assurance is provided by our certification according to the European quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation services. Of course, we will treat your documents confidentially!

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