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Professional translations by translators with subject-specific expertise - of course with quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 17100

The translation of general terms and conditions is a tricky business. As a general rule, legal advice can only be provided by lawyers. However, it is possible to translate general terms and conditions.

If you work with customers from abroad on a regular basis, your terms and conditions ought to be available in another language. These terms and conditions are then for information purposes only. The original version drawn up by a lawyer will remain authoritative. There should be a notice in the translated version that the translated terms and conditions match the original ones exactly and that legal advice should be sought in the event of questions of interpretation.

Sometimes it may be necessary to leave the original word or a reference note (for example, to the German Civil Code) in brackets, since certain terms simply have no equivalent in another language. The legal systems of the individual countries are different, making a 1-to-1 translation of legal terms almost impossible.

We at lingoking guarantee that your translations and revisions are performed by professional, native-language translators familiar with the translation of legal texts. Your confidential documents are uploaded first after payment and naturally via a secure connection. This way we can guarantee that only the translator will see your documents.

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What distinguishes lingoking from the rest: 

We guarantee that translations and proofreading will be carried out by native speakers with subject-specific expertise.

Data protection is our highest priority:
The upload of your confidential documents takes place only after payment has been made and, of course, via a secure connection. This way we can guarantee that only the translator will see your documents.

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Transparent processes: 

Select your translation with only a few clicks. The price for your translation will be displayed without you having to upload your document first. You can choose your translation with or without proofreading.

The price of a translation depends on the numbers of pages and language combination of your document. Please use the form to calculate the price of your translation. The processing time depends on the length of your terms and conditions and the chosen shipping method.

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Easy to book: 
  1. Choose number of pages* and languages
  2. Choose translation package and delivery method
  3. Enter your data and upload the document - and that's it!

* The number of words per page can vary greatly depending on font and font size. Our price per page for translations of terms and conditions is based on empirical values and assumes an average of 300 to 400 words per page. Should your document contain significantly more words per page, we will adjust the price after consultation with you or refund your payment.

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Please note: 

If possible, please submit your files in an easily processable format such as Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

Translations without German in the chosen language combination are not always possible.

Quality assurance according to
the DIN EN ISO 17100 standard

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