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lingoking can provide you with a translation and mutliple certified copies of it - including postal delivery
and personal all-round service at an affordable price.


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Certified translations from lingoking are recognised by all authorities in Germany – the translations are carried out by court-sworn translators.

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  1. Enter the number of pages of your document and the language combination of your desired translation in the form below.
  2. In the next step you choose the number of copies you need of your certified translation. Please note: If you only need one copy, choose your translation product from our product overview.
  3. Choose your desired shipping method and enter your data.
  4. We find the best translator for your translation and in only a few days you get your certified translations via post.
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The price for your translation will be displayed without you having to upload your document first.

Please note that we only offer certified translations from German or into German. Unfortunately, translations without German in the chosen language combination are not always possible.

Certified translations through court-sworn translators - according to
the DIN EN ISO 17100 quality assurance standard

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lingoking fulfills the international quality standards in translation services (ISO 17100) and is known from