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Have you learnt an occupation or studied abroad? Thanks to recognition you will be able to have your education certificates assessed and find work in Germany. We will guide you through the recognition process and tell you everything there is about required documents, translations and appropriate authorities for your case.

Did you know that the German government will pay for your translations? Please note that there is no central body for recognition. Depending on your vocational training or occupation, there are different appropriate authorities.


This is what you should know about the recognition of foreign degrees.

Which recognition body is responsible for my case?

Which recognition authority is responsible depends on the nature of your profession. There are three types of qualifications: School, university and profession.

School-leaving qualifications are recognised by the municipalities, which differ from every federal state. Simply ask for the "Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle" at your municipality ("Rathaus" or "Bürgeramt"). If you want to study, the university is responsible for the recognition of your school leaving certificate. It may be that your school leaving certificate is partly equivalent to a vocational qualification in Germany. For further information, please contact an IQ counselling centre.

Academic degrees can be recognised by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). They provide a database called anabin in which you can check whether your university is recognised according to German standards. They also provide answers to FAQs and information in Arabic and English on the required documentation for each country.

For vocational qualifications, you need to know whether there is an equivalent occupation of your foreign vocational qualification in Germany in order to know which recognition institution is responsible. In addition, these centres differ from state to state.

How does the recognition process work? This video clip will explain everything in a concise and clear way.

Required documents

In order that your qualifications is recognised you require your testimonials and certificates.

Documents required for recognition:
✔ Application for the recognition of your qualifications
✔ Identification documents and proof of any name changes
✔ Residence permit (for refugees/asylum seekers: “Certificate of Registration as an Asylum Seeker”)
✔ Certified translation of testimonials
✔ CV in tabular form

The following documents must be submitted as certified translations:
✔ Proof of your professional or educational qualifications (e.g. diploma from your university)
✔ Evidence of the content and duration of the training completed (e.g. list of subjects and lists of grades, course book, Diploma Supplement, Transcript of records)
✔ Other qualifications (e.g. certificates of further training or retraining)

Certified translations of your diplomas

If you are asked to submit a certified translation of one of your documents, you want to make sure that it will be accepted by the relevant organisation. It is therefore very important to decide for an agency or translator that can guarantee to provide you with a certified translation that follows all the relevant regulations. A professional translation agency like lingoking can guarantee the creation of a certified translation that authorities will accept. ### What is a "certified translation"?

✔ A certified translation is the translation of an official document with the translator's certification mark.
✔ Such a translation can only be carried out by sworn translators. The translator confirms the accuracy of the translation by signing, stamping and certifying the translation.
✔ The authenticity of the translation is thus guaranteed in a legally binding manner.

Checkliste für Unterlagen

Welche Unterlagen werden für das Antragsverfahren benötigt?

Illustration: Frau am Computer
  • Ausgefülltes Antragsformular oder ggf. formloser schriftlicher Antrag
  • Identitätsnachweis
  • Nachweise über Berufsqualifikation
  • Bestätigung über Inhalt, Form und Umfang der Ausbildung
  • Übersetzungen der Nachweise & Bestätigungen
  • Amtlich beglaubigte Kopien der Nachweise durch Bürgerämter oder Konsulate

Cost coverage by the German government

The recognition of diplomas and the translation and certification of certificates cost money. In many cases, the Jobcenter or other federal bodies will cover the costs for translations. Please check with your Jobcenter before applying for recognition. At lingoking, you will receive an invoice for each translation commissioned, which you can submit to the Jobcenter for the costs to be borne. In addition to the Jobcenter, there are other bodies where you will be reimbursed for the costs of your translations, e.g. the federal government's "Anerkennungzuschuss" (Recognition grant).

The recognition grant is for people who (...)

✔ have completed a qualification abroad
✔ want this qualification to be recognised in Germany
✔ have lived in Germany for at least 3 months
✔ have an income of less than €26,000 (single people) or €40,000 (married)

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