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Diplomas and transcripts are important certificates issued by an educational institution, such as a university or college. A diploma confers an academic degree after a student has successfully completed a course of study. In Ireland, this kind of certificate is called a parchment. Other terms in use in the UK and Australia are testimonium or testamur . A transcript, on the other hand, is an inventory of the courses/modules a student has taken and the student’s grades. College transcripts and other school transcripts are among the most important documents issued by educational facilities.

Diplomas and transcripts are proof of your academic achievements and professional qualifications and therefore are very important documents. If you require a translation of your diploma or transcript, it is vital to have it translated accurately. That’s why, on this page, lingoking would like to share some important information on how to properly translate your diploma or transcript.


When do you need a translation of your diploma or transcript?

There are numerous reasons why you may need a certified translation of your diploma or transcript. In most cases, a diploma you received abroad needs to be translated for education or employment in the United States, the UK or Australia. Most evaluation services also ask for a certified translation of your foreign diploma.

Things to look out for when translating your diploma or transcript

Because most institutions and organisations will ask you for a certified translation of your diploma or transcript, it is highly recommended that you do not translate the document yourself but have a professional translation agency take care of the translation. Diploma translation services will add a formal certification to the translation in which translators state that they have the required qualification to carry out the translation.

In addition, there often are strict guidelines when it comes to the formatting and layout of your translated diploma. If your translation does not follow these regulations, chances are that the relevant authorities will not accept it. Only a translation agency with experience in the field of certified translations of diploma and transcripts will be able to provide you with a translation that meets all the guidelines and regulations.

How to choose the right diploma and transcript translation services?

Finding a suitable and reliable translation company can take some time and many things need to be taken into consideration. To make the task of finding professional diploma translation services easier, you may use this checklist:

It is important for you to take your time choosing the right diploma translation services. Don’t rush your decision as time spent at this stage will make sure that you receive a proper certified translation that will be accepted by institutions and organisations like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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Summary: Certified translation of diploma and transcripts

If you need to have your diploma or transcript translated, you want to have it done correctly and quickly. When applying for a new job, you do not want to miss the opportunity to advance your professional career because of a cheaply translated diploma. Fast turnaround times are as important as a high standard of quality when it comes to diploma translation services. 

A professional translation agency like lingoking has a lot of experience and expertise to provide you with a certified translation of your diploma that will be accepted by all relevant authorities. Get in touch with us to find out how our professional translators can help you!

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