Birth certificate

A birth certificate is used all over the world to record the birth of a new baby. The format of the birth certificate differs from country to country, but it will usually include the full name of the baby, the date and place of their birth, and the full names of both parents. If you do not own your original birth certificate, you should be able to obtain a copy from the authority that issues birth certificates, which varies from country to country. In the UK, this is the General Register Office. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents you can possess, so if you require a translation of your birth certificate, it is vital to have it translated properly.


When do you need a translation of your birth certificate?

Your birth certificate is a legal record of who you are, and is often needed in order to obtain other documents, such as a marriage licence or driving licence. If you move to another country, perhaps for work or in order to live with a partner, you may need to have your birth certificate translated into that country's language. Depending on regulations, you may also need a birth certificate in the local language if you are only visiting a different country.

Things to look out for when translating your birth certificate

When it comes to translations of legal documents, different countries have different regulations. It is usually best not to attempt a translation yourself, even if you are fluent in the language required. This is because many authorities require a certified translation. This may require a translation company to register with a professional body. In many countries, including the UK, there is no such body, and translators must make a declaration stating that they are qualified to make the translation.

In addition, there may be strict guidelines for the format and layout of your birth certificate. An organisation with experience will be able to use the correct style, ensuring that your document will be accepted by organisations like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Where can I get my birth certificate translated?

There are many agencies and individuals offering translation services, and making a choice can be difficult. Don't be afraid to approach several different translators, and ask questions to help you make a decision. Time spent at this stage can ensure a quicker, smoother journey once you have your translated birth certificate. These questions can help you to choose the right birth certificate translation services:

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Summary: Certified translation of birth certificates

When you need your birth certificate translated, it's important to get it done correctly. Using a professional translation service is the best way to guarantee an accurate translation that will be accepted by the relevant authorities, as well as protecting your privacy and your rights.

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