Birth certificate

A birth certificate is used all over the world to record the birth of a new baby. It is doubtlessly one of the most important documents carrying the full name, date and place of birth and the full names of both parents.


What you should know when translating your birth certificate

A birth certificate, like a death or marriage certificate, belongs to the group of legal documents. In the following sections you will learn when a translation is required, in which cases a certification is necessary and how lingoking can support you in translating your birth certificate.

For which occasions is a translation of the birth certificate required?

In many matters concerning civil status, German official bodies require the presentation of a certified translation of the birth certificate, e.g. 

  • marriages
  • the establishment of civil partnerships
  • naturalization
  • emigration
  • change of name
  • deaths
  • in some countries also when buying real estate abroad
  • Applying for Elterngeld and ElterngeldPlus
  • applying for child allowance
  • Recognition of paternity
  • custory
  • maternity assistance (Mutterschaftshilfe)
  • baptisms

Information on applying for Elterngeld and ElterngeldPlus

Elterngeld (parental benefit) and ElterngeldPlus compensate for loss of income and compensate parents who want to be there for their child in the first months of life. This will sustainably strengthen the compatibility of career and family. Mothers and fathers who have a residence or regular residency in Germany and live with their children in the same household are entitled.

In order to be able to apply for parental benefit at the responsible parental allowance office, you will need the child's birth certificate, among other things. For children born outside the EU, you must provide a certified German translation of the birth certificate. For children born in a country of the European Union, a copy of their birth certificate is often sufficient.

Information on applying for child benefit for foreigners

If you live with your children in Germany and hold a residence permit, you are entitled to child benefit in accordance with § 62 I EStG. To successfully apply for child benefit, you need the child's birth certificate. If the birth certificate was not issued in German, you will need a certified German translation of the birth certificate. 

Things to look out for when translating your birth certificate

When it comes to translations of legal documents, different countries have different regulations. It is usually best not to attempt a translation yourself, even if you are fluent in the language required. This is because many authorities require a certified translation. This may require a translation company to register with a professional body. In many countries, including the UK, there is no such body, and translators must make a declaration stating that they are qualified to make the translation.

In addition, there may be strict guidelines for the format and layout of your birth certificate. An organisation with experience will be able to use the correct style, ensuring that your document will be accepted by organisations like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Where can I have my birth certificate translated and certified?

No matter whether you are sitting in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg - lingoking will gladly translate your birth certificate for you, simply online. Only court-sworn translators translate your birth certificate - around the clock! Simply upload your birth certificate - photographed or scanned - onto our form. The original is not required for translation! You will receive your translated, certified birth certificate by registered mail at home. We are looking forward to your order!

We translate birth certificates into almost any language. No matter whether French, Russian, Polish, English, Romanian, Italian, Turkish or Farsi. Of course with certification by court-sworn translators!

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