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Whether they need them for completing job applications, proving qualifications or applying for visas - people everywhere are getting their diplomas translated. A service like this should be fast and affordable, all whilst maintaining a high quality and being ultimately recognised by all administrative authorities. But where can you find all of this? lingoking can provide you with a certified translation including postal delivery and personal all-round service for an affordable price.

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Certified translations from lingoking are recognised by all authorities in Germany – the translations are carried out by court-sworn translators.

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The price for your translation will be displayed without you having to upload your document first.

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diplomas and all kinds of final certificates such as Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees, as well as state exams, apprenticeship diplomas and interim reports.

Please note that we only offer certified translations from German or into German. Unfortunately, we are not always able to offer translations with language combinations not including German. 


Certified translations through court-sworn translators -
according to the DIN EN ISO 17100 quality assurance standard

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lingoking fulfills the international quality standards in translation services (ISO 17100) and is known from