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The translation of legal documents is the supreme discipline in the translation industry. We offer lawyers, law firms, legal departments, etc. professional specialised legal translations.


We have a large network of professional and native-speaking translators with specialised legal expertise. With our unique translation app, you can easily scale and handle translation projects of any size. The discreet and secure processing and transmission of your data is of hightest priority to us.

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In just a few clicks, you can have a large volume of documents translated and certified by sworn translators with legal expertise through our platform! The use of our platform is free and without any additional fees.

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Legal translations

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Whether it's professional or certified translations, we always ensure that experienced sworn translators with legal expertise handle them. Additionally, each translation undergoes an internal quality check process by a second translator to ensure the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback and finalize your translation according to your preferences before it is sent out for delivery.

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It is not only the cultural and language barriers that can become a problem with legal specialist translations. Legal texts use the legal language - in every country. Furthermore, vocabulary, style and wording vary from country to country. For translators this means that they not only must be familiar to the contry's language but also the country's legal language. Thus native-speaking translators specialised in legal translations are obligatory. This is the only way to ensure that the translation is recognised by all stakeholders in the same way as the source text.

Our translation process guarantees a quick and easy way to order your translation. Our web-based translation app uses a price configurator, which calculates prices on the basis of fixed prices and the information you provide. This is how we can quote you a fixed price even before reviewing your document. This simply makes us faster than most market participants. 


Furthermore, we have a large network of translators and can make sure that we will always find a professional native-speaking translator with legal expertise in any language. 


Consistency is not only guaranteed by our professional and excellent translators, but also as they are using state-of-the-art translation tools. Those tools for example identify recurring text passages and formulations and translate them with the common technical terms from case law in the same and consistent way. But these tools also help avoiding errors and guarantee consistent terminology throughout. This, in combination with human editing, not only increases the quality of the translation, but also contributes to faster and more effective editing.

Admittedly, we are not faster than Deepl — but we are better. Especially when it comes to specialised translations such as legal texts, machines cannot replace human translators. 


Depending on the requirements, the different tools, providers and services each have their advantages. However, for professional communication with clients and stakeholders, we recommend not using DeepL exclusively for translation without subsequent proofreading by a native speaker. Although you save considerable costs on the translation, this service does not achieve the translation quality of professional specialist translators. Especially with "unusual" languages - such as Arabic - translation tools are still immature, which leads to many unattractive errors.


As a result, the web-based translation app from lingoking is currently probably the best solution for small to large translation jobs in terms of usability, speed and quality.


The classic lingoking translation service is recommended if time is not the decisive criterion or if you require an offer for larger order volumes. Individual onboarding through our project management, interface optimisation, service and sustainable good cooperation are our focus here. Complemented by the web app for urgent translation – for one or more people in your department or company, this model is probably the best overall package we can currently offer you.

In order to provide you with the best possible quality, your translation will only be carried out by trained and native translators with legal expertise. Only our translators and our project management team/ sales team will have access to your personal documents. Discretion and security are very important to us, which is why the encryption and upload in the digital order process also follow the highest security levels.


Additional quality assurance is provided by the 4-eyes principle — as well as our certification according to the European quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation services. If you need to get it done quickly, we also offer an express service that allows you to meet even the tightest deadlines. Of course, we will treat your documents confidentially!

Depending on the requirement, the translation cycle passes through different process stages. We use AI-supported CAT tools that make the translation process effective and fast. Supplemented by our professional translators with legal expertise and quality assurance by a second translator, we create the perfect infrastructure for your project. With our large network of translators, we can make sure that we will always find a professional translator with legal expertise. 

With a stamp, a signature and a attestation clause by the translator, these official documents are also valid in court. The court-certified translator confirms the correctness of the ordered translation by this measure. In some cases — especially in the case of proofs abroad — an over-authentication in the form of a legislation or apostille may even be necessary. This in turn confirms the correctness of the signature. Both may and can only be carried out by translators who are sworn in by a court in Germany.