Frequently Asked Questions & Help for our Linguists

Our main focus is our interpreters and translators, of course also our customers. Therefore, we give everything to make the communication between you, our customers and us as easy as possible. You can find all answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or phone.

You can find the FAQ for our customers here.


What are the obligations associated with registration at the online marketplace?

Registration with the lingoking online marketplace entails no costs whatsoever and does not involve any obligations.

What do I have to do to register with lingoking?

You can start the registration process for the online marketplace at this page

Registration takes four steps:

  1. Entry of your contact details
  2. Entry of your skills:
    You can enter your language combinations, specialist field and type of language service here.
  3. Uploading of your application documents, such as your curriculum vitae, references/certificates
  4. Creation of your short profile, which the customer is also able to view (optional)

Once you have completed these four steps, you are registered with the online marketplace. Your profile will then be checked by a member of the lingoking staff.

How do I benefit from registering with the lingoking online marketplace?

Registering with our online marketplace offers you the following benefits:

  • More straightforward communication with the lingoking team
  • Direct contact with customers (anonymised)
  • You can take on jobs round-the-clock, whenever you want
  • You can expand your customer base by taking on jobs from new customers

Can I register as both a translator and an interpreter?

When you register, you can select one or more of the following types of language service:

  1. Text translation
  2. Interpreting
  3. Telephone interpreting

When you do this, you can enter the language combinations that you offer and your specialist fields. You can also state whether you have official certification or whether you offer simultaneous interpreting.

I already have many years of professional experience. Why do I have to upload references to the online marketplace?

For us it is important that we are able to offer our customers the highest quality.

We cannot assume that all applicants are qualified translators or interpreters. In order to be able to check this, we require proof of your qualifications or written letters of reference.

What requirements do I have to meet to be a translator/interpreter for lingoking?

If you wish to work for lingoking as a translator or interpreter, you must either have a qualification as a translator and/or interpreter from an ATA-certified university/college or you must furnish evidence that you have many years of professional experience. If you can furnish proof of suitable qualifications or have sufficient professional experience, we would be delighted to see you register with our online marketplace.

Following completion of registration, your documents will be checked by lingoking and you will be notified as quickly as possible as to whether you will be able to work for us.

What does the asterisk symbol (*) mean in some of the boxes in the registration process?

All boxes marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory boxes. This means that these boxes must be filled in correctly to be able to continue the registration process.

Why is it required to enter my time zone during the registration process?

To make sure that times are displayed properly for you, for example the delivery date or starting date for a project, it is necessary to enter your time zone during registration.

NOTE: The appointment times for interpreting services are always displayed as the local time of the location of the appointment.

For text translation jobs, the delivery date is always displayed according to your time zone. This is also the case for the time period available to submit an offer as well as for the period of validity for offers that you have submitted. As a consequence, the times that you see may be different from those seen by the client if he/she lives in a different time zone.

My profile

Who is able to view my "public" profile?

The link to your public profile is only visible by anyone who is registered with the online marketplace, i.e. only customers for whom you have provided an offer or who have accepted an offer from you.

Why should I upload a profile photo?

Uploading a profile photo to the online marketplace is purely voluntary. It simply makes working together more enjoyable if you can see a face and know who you are working with.

Everything relating to jobs

Why do I have to register as an interpreter or a translator with the online marketplace in order to receive jobs from lingoking?

Anyone wishing to work as a translator or interpreter for lingoking has to meet certain criteria. You can read the requirements that need to be met in order to work for us here.

For you to become accredited as a freelance interpreter/translator for our online marketplace, we require certain documents from you, e.g. certificates and references, which we shall check.

For registration purposes you can simply upload these files. All data that you enter in the platform are protected against misuse.

Registration with the online marketplace gives you the guarantee of smooth communication with lingoking staff and customers.

How can I see whether there are jobs which are suitable for me?

You can log in to the online marketplace at any time. Go to "Jobs" > "Open jobs" to see if there are any jobs which match your profile.

You will also receive an email whenever a job is entered on our online marketplace which is in line with your language combination.

What do the symbols next to each job mean?

The jobs on our online marketplace include specific symbols which are meant to provide a better overview.

These symbols mean:

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to submit an offer for that particular interpreting job.

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to submit an offer for that particular telephone interpreting job.

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to submit an offer for that particular text translation job.

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to accept that particular interpreting job at a fixed price.

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to accept that particular telephone interpreting job at a fixed price.

This symbol appears when it is possible for you to accept that particular text translation job at a fixed price.

Jobs marked with an additional lingoking logo are jobs that have not been directly posted on the online marketplace by clients but have instead been posted by lingoking staff.

How do I create an offer for a text translation job?

Whenever a customer enters a job for a text translation on the online marketplace for which he/she wishes to obtain offers from a number of translators and the job is in line with your profile, you will receive an email.

You can then log in to the online marketplace with the button in the email and can submit an offer by going to "Open jobs".

How do I create an offer for an interpreting job?

Whenever a customer enters a job for interpreting on the online marketplace for which he/she wishes to obtain offers from a number of interpreters and the job is in line with your profile, you will receive an email.

You can then log in to the online marketplace with the button in the email and can submit an offer by going to "Open jobs".

I have bindingly accepted an assignment but am not able to complete it. What do I have to do?

Should you have a good reason not to be able to complete the assignment, you are first obligated to find a replacement who can complete the assignment on your behalf.

If you are unable to do this, please inform the lingoking employees as soon as possible.

How can I cancel a job?

Once you give binding confirmation of acceptance of a job, you cannot cancel it anymore. If you should be unable to carry out the job for very good reasons, please inform us as soon as possible.

How can I withdraw an offer?

As soon as you bindingly submit an offer it is not possible for you to withdraw it. Should you have a very solid reason for withdrawing an offer, please let us know as soon as possible.

Does lingoking have a large number of jobs in my language combination?

In principle lingoking offers every language combination. It is very difficult to make any statements about the future job situation for any particular language combination.

How does the test translation process work at lingoking?

We reserve the right to offer a standardised test translation at no charge (approx. 250 to 300 words). As a general rule this is a text in your specialist field which is proofread and assessed very precisely by one of our translators who has a profile. You receive the assessment sheet and your corrected translation afterwards. If the quality of your work meets our expectations, then you have successfully completed the second stage of our accreditation process and can look forward to jobs which are paid in full in future.

Can I take on jobs immediately after registration?

You can view all the jobs which are in line with your skills. However, we still need to verify your skills before you can take on any jobs.

Why do I not see any jobs on the online marketplace?

There can be several reasons for this. Either there are no jobs currently available for your language combination, or you have not yet been accredited for working directly with customers.

When does a job count as having been placed on a binding basis?

In the case of jobs for a fixed price, you will receive an email and can view the job in detail on the online marketplace. Once you click on "Accept", you have given binding confirmation that you have accepted the job subject to the stated conditions.

If you have provided an offer in response to a request for an offer and the customer accepts your offer, the acceptance of the offer by the customer means that the job has been placed with you on a binding basis.

What must I bear in mind when accepting a certified translation project?

Certified translations for use in Germany may only be completed by a sworn translator authorised to carry out such work in Germany.

Different regulations apply depending on the country in which the translation is required. Ideally the client should enquire at the authorities in question to ascertain the requirements for the translation. If no such information is available when the order is submitted, please ask the client which certification is required (e.g. German certification, Austrian certification etc.) before completing the assignment.

Questions about telephone interpreting

How does telephone interpreting work?

You are registered as a telephone interpreter on our online marketplace. When a customer enters a job which is in line with your language combination, you will automatically receive an email and can simply accept the job online. On the principle of "first come, first served", the quickest to respond gets the job. You will then be contacted personally by the project management team.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to work as a telephone interpreter?

In the first instance the requirements for telephone interpreters are the same as those for on-site interpreters. As a telephone interpreter you will also require a landline telephone and you will need to be somewhere quiet during the assignment.


I do not want to enter my bank details on the online marketplace. Are my details secure?

The lingoking online marketplace is absolutely secure. Data that you enter on the platform cannot be accessed by third parties. If you enter your details on our platform, it is more secure than sending them to us by email, for example.

Entering your bank details is optional. As soon as you wish to confirm acceptance of a job, we need your bank details to enable us to pay your fee as soon as possible.

What are lingoking's fees for translators/interpreters?

lingoking's fees vary according to the job and various other factors such as the language combination, type of interpreting, time frame and complexity.

Some jobs will be offered to you for a fixed fee and you can then accept them or turn them down on that basis. You also have the opportunity of submitting your own individual offer for other jobs, meaning that you can set your fee yourself.

A customer is always entitled to request offers from a number of language service providers and to decide for themselves which offer to take.

How will overtime hours be remunerated when an event lasts longer than agreed?

Should an event last longer than agreed upon, the overtime hours are remunerated starting from the 10th minute in accordance with the confirmation of attendance which has been signed by the client. If you accept an assignment at a set price, an overtime hour is remunerated as follows:

  • 85€ (simultaneous or chuchotage interpreting)
  • 70€ (consecutive and liaison interpreting)
  • 60€ (escort interpreting)

If you have been asked to submit an offer for an interpreting job, enter your desired rate for potential overtime hours in the comments box. If no additional comments are made in this respect, the overtime hour rates apply as listed above.

What is lingoking's margin on jobs?

The margin is the percentage of the sales price that lingoking keeps for its own work such as the project management, the provision of the online marketplace and customer acquisition.

lingoking takes approximately 35% of the price paid by the customer.

General information

Who can I contact in the event of any problems?

For all questions relating to the online marketplace and registration you can get in touch with our Project Managers Recruiting & Communications. You can contact us by email at or by telephone on + 49 (0)89 / 416 12 20-31.

A (technical) error has occurred, what do I do?

There are various options to resolve the problem:

  1. Delete the cache and cookies in your browser.

    Here you can find a guide on how to do this in Chrome.

    You can find a guide for deleting the cache and cookies in Firefox here.

  2. Call up the online marketplace in another browser.

    The Internet Explorer 8 and Edge browsers are unfortunately not supported. As not all browsers are equally supported we recommend that you use Chrome. You can download this browser here.

Should you have tried both of these options and the problem still persists, please send us a message with a precise description of the problem and one or several screenshots. It is also helpful if you send your browser data to us. You can find this information here Please send this information to

We will try to resolve the problem as quick as possible.




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