Prices at lingoking

We don’t translate words, we translate content! lingoking only employs translators and interpreters with a recognized university qualification and/or at least three years relevant professional work experience. What does that mean for you? You can rely on us! Each and every one of our translators and interpreters work to the highest quality standards. And the best thing about it: here at lingoking, high quality and low prices go hand in hand. Fair and transparent pricing is a matter of principle for lingoking.

Prices for text translations

For us, machine translations are not an option: instead we offer highly professional translations from one of our over 5,100 specialist translators, in over 80 different languages and at the best prices. You will receive expert guidance and a comprehensive explanation of your quote and all costs as a matter of course. All quotes given by lingoking are designed to be transparent and easily understood.

At lingoking translation costs are calculated on the basis of the word count, the relevant language group and the specialist field. There are two language groups with their own word price:

Language combinations from/into German or EnglishPrice per word incl. proofreadingPrice per word incl. certification
Group 1
(German, English, Dutch, Romance, and Slavic languages; Hungarian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Taiwanese)
€ 0.18 *€ 0.19 *
Group 2
(Turkish, Greek, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Kurdish, Dari, Farsi (Persian))
€ 0.26 *€ 0.27 *
Group 3
(Paschtu, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Afrikans, Akan, Amharic, Armenian, Azezi, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Burmese, Galician, Hindi, Irish, Indonesian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Lao, Latin, Luxembourgish, Maltese, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Punjabi, Romansh, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, Tajk, Tamil, Old Tukic, Urdu, Uzbek, Welsh, Wolof, Zulu)
€ 0.33 *€ 0.34 *

*: plus VAT.


Sample prices: Translation of a birth certificate

Certificates, driving licences and references are some of our most frequently translated documents. Professional translators translate your documents at low fixed prices. Below is a sample of a certified translation of a birth certificate in language group 1 (incl. VAT):

Language combinations from/into German or EnglishBirth certificate, certified (1 page) incl. shipping
Group 1€ 52.90
Group 2€ 76.90



Sample prices: text translations at a fixed price

One of the most in-demand translation services is the translation of digital content such as emails, apps or websites, which is why lingoking has flat rates for these types of text. Below are examples of costs for language group 1:

15 words

from € 2.70 *

150 words

from € 27.00 *

Product description
300 words

from € 54.00 *

2.000 words

from € 360.00 *

5,000 words

from € 900.00 *

Operating manual
10,000 words

from € 1,800.00 *

*: plus VAT.

Some of these translation products (such as e-mail, product description or operating manual) and many more can be ordered simply only via the lingoking price calculator.

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We would be happy to advise you in person and tailor a quote for your translation to suit your own particular needs and requests. You can contact us by phone +44 20 380 866 16 or e-mail quotes at You can ask for a no-obligation quote at any time.

lingoking is able to work with a large number of file formats, i.e. we can export, analyse and translate almost all file formats. You may also like to note that most translations can be booked as an express service.

Prices for interpreting projects

Whatever the occasion or specialist area, lingoking will offer you the perfect interpreter – whether it be simultaneous, whispered or consecutive interpreting for the automotive, health or finance sector.

Quotes for an interpreting assignment are calculated on the basis of the language combination, specialism and duration, but also the complexity of the particular subject, the lead time and any travel expenses. Interpreting is charged at an hourly or daily rate, depending on the timescale of the assignment.

ServiceDaily rateHourly rate
Escort interpretingfrom € 495.00*€ 89.00*
Consecutive interpreting
(also by sworn interpreters)
from € 550.00*€ 99.00*
Simultaneous interpretingfrom € 595.00*€ 115.00*

*: plus VAT & travel expenses


Sample prices: interpreting projects at a fixed price

Below are examples of costs for typical interpreting assignments. The prices are average prices for all common European languages.

2 Simultaneous interpreting

e.g. at a conference / works meeting

All-day flat rate
from € 1,150.00*

Consecutive interpreting

e.g. for staff training

All-day flat rate
from € 500.00*

Consecutive interpreting
with a sworn interpreter

e.g. for a meeting with a notary

1 hour
€ 90.00*

Escort interpreting

e.g. for a business trip

All-day flat rate
from € 400.00*

*: plus VAT & travel expenses

We would be happy to advise you in person and tailor a quote for your interpreting project to suit your own particular needs and requests. You can contact us by phone +44 20 380 866 16 or e-mail quotes at You can ask for a no-obligation quote at any time.

More information on interpreting

Prices for telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a quick, flexible, and above all cost-effective alternative to classic on-site interpreting. You will only be invoiced for the length of the telephone call: travel expenses and travel time will not be included. During the call you speak to your business partner in your mother tongue as usual.

Telephone interpreting€ 69.00 * per 30 minutes

*: plus VAT

More information on telephone interpreting

Personalised project solutions

Are you looking to have your sophisticated marketing brochures, contracts or company website translated into one or more languages? Then trust the experts – lingoking project management. Our project managers will look after you one-to-one, from preparation of the quote through implementation to the last word of your interpreting or translation project. The provision of teams of translators or interpreters put together specifically for the customer has proven invaluable in the B2B sector, particularly in large and complex language projects.

We are happy to be your professional point of contact at any time. You can contact us at +44 20 380 866 16 or quotes at

Find out more about tailor-made corporate solutions from lingoking here