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Our team spirit

Colourful. Loud. Dynamic. Diverse. 
Always determined and self-confident. Our team is the heart of lingoking and shares the values of a modern, open, tolerant and respectful society.

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Our values


Our flexible workflow allows us to react to external influences quickly. With the help of our platform, we can adapt to our customers' needs and come up with efficient and customised solutions. 


Teamwork and community are extremely important to us. Our job is to create strong connections between our talented translators, our clients and our employees to overcome language barriers.  We share our knowledge and experience to get better every day.


We reflect on our work, challenge our existing apporaches and take feedback seriously, which allows us to constantly improve our service. We strive to always think one step ahead and make smart decisions to bring our visions to life


We act with determination and focus to overcome language boundaries, achieve our common goals and give people long-term perspective.

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Work Environment - 
our kingdom!

We're lucky enough to get to work in a feelgood office in the centre of Munich. There are plenty of spots to choose from: the roof terrace overlooking the city, a quiet telephone booth or the cosy sofa. We also make sure to feed our hard-working brains with delicious food from nearby Italian, Turkish or Spanish eateries. How about a coffee before we get started on breaking down language barriers?

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