Prices at lingoking

We don't translate words – we translate content!

Our principle: fair and transparent pricing. All translators and interpreters at lingoking work to the highest quality standards. And best of all, you order at a transparent fixed price or receive an individual offer in advance.

Prices for text translations

Qualified translators translate your texts into more than 80 languages, enabling you to communicate flexibly across national borders. No matter whether you need a website for the international market or a certified translation of certificates for your studies abroad! Below you will find a transparent overview of lingoking pricing for translation services.

Hybrid translation

lingoking offers a new, fast and above all cost-effective translation solution: hybrid translation. Here, machine translations are professionally validated by the lingoking translation experts. Start into the future today by using the latest translation technologies!

Flexible pricing

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  • Language group 1: from € 0.13 per word plus VAT
  • Language group 2: from € 0.19 per word plus VAT
  • Sprachgruppe 3: auf Anfrage

Low fixed prices

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  • Language group 1: from €52.90 including VAT
  • Language group 2: from €76.90 including VAT
  • Further prices can be found under the respective translation service in the lingoking Shop!

The lingoking language groups

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  • Group 1: German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Albanian, Chinese, Romanic and Slavic languages
  • Group 2: Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Kurdish, Dari, Farsi/Persian
  • Group 3: Pashto, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Japanese, Icelandic and all other languages

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