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Interpreters and translators in wide-spread or unusual language combinations – a good price-performance relationship? That’s what lingoking is for!

From translation to interpreting, big or small, simple or complex – with our large network of interpreters, translators and telephone interpreters, we’re a one-stop shop for all language services. Uncomplicated, safe and easy!

Why lingoking: 

Until now, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and private clients have rarely used interpreters: too expensive, too complex, too inflexible and, above all: unknown to a great extent as an everyday service. We at lingoking want to change this.

We believe that interpreting and translating are the most fascinating services around. That’s why we want to make them accessible for everyone – with our personal service, our marketplace and our price calculator.


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Nils Mahler, CEO and founder of lingoking, recounts: 

“In 2009, Timo Müller and I drove to Corsica together. We were in a real holiday mood! When we arrived on the island, however, the car unfortunately broke down and we couldn’t get it to start again. Our insurance couldn’t help us, so we had to do everything ourselves. In French. We quickly used up all the French we’d learnt at school. When we got back to Germany, we thought: How great would it have been if we’d just been able to call a professional interpreter to help us?! This is how the idea for lingoking was born.”

The heart of lingoking: Our service providers

Our 5000+ professional interpreters and translators form the heart of lingoking. Would you like to become part of the lingoking family as a translator or interpreter? Find out how here. We say thank you and will let our service providers have their say:


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