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    lingoking - Who we are

    What lingoking has to do with Corsica, why our boss doesn't drive a switch car anymore and who is actually the heart of lingoking - these and other exciting facts about lingoking can be found here.

    Our founding story

    In 2009 Nils Mahler and Timo Müller were together on a road trip through Corsica.

    "Full of anticipation we arrived on the island - and then the gearshift of our rental car stopped working. Instead of free time, interpreting with school French was the order of the day. How much we would have liked to have had professional help in this situation to translate all the technical terms for our insurance... Out of our own necessity, lingoking was born in 2010: A platform that helps to overcome language barriers in everyday life and also in emergencies."

    Interpreters and translators were rarely used by private individuals at that time, nor were they used by start-ups and SMEs - too expensive, too complicated, too inflexible. We would like to change that: With our personal interpreting service and our online shop for translations, language services become calculable.

    lingoking facts

    From translation to interpreting, big or small, simple or complex – with our large network of interpreters, translators and telephone interpreters, we’re a one-stop shop for all language services. Uncomplicated, safe and easy!

    • - Over 1,500 translators and interpreters in our
      global network
    • - More than 200 successful interpreting assignments per year
    • - Over 10 million words translated per year
    • - More than 13,500 customers worldwide
    • - Founded: 2010
    • - Founders: Nils Mahler, Timo Müller, Uno Jüngling-Colic,
      Christian Koch
    • - Headquarters in Munich

      95 % of all customers would recommend lingoking to a friend!

    The heart of lingoking: Our service providers

    Our 1500+ professional interpreters and translators form the heart of lingoking. Would you like to become part of the lingoking family as a translator or interpreter? Find out how here. We say thank you and will let our service providers have their say:

    "I love working with lingoking because the subject areas are very varied and because the projects are very well organised. There is always someone there to answer any queries I have. I really admire and value that in an agency." Mikhail B.

    "I find lingoking to be a very dynamic and reliable agency, which I really love working with." Lara M.

    "Working with lingoking means less organsiation work for me." Konstantin L.

    Get in touch with us

    Test our excellent service! We would be happy to help you with your questions and problems or to make you an individual offer for your next project.

    Via e-mail: quotes@lingoking.com

    Via phone: +44 20 38086616

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    The lingoking team

    Andrea Dürmeier
    Project Manager

    andrea.duermeier at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 23

    Diane Baumer
    Business Development

    diane.baumer at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 46

    Joachim Harrer
    Senior Account Manager

    joachim.harrer at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 10

    Johanna Hinkel
    Inhouse Translator

    Julika Rottler
    Account Manager

    julika.rottler at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 32

    Lorenz Schweiger
    Head of Business Development

    lorenz.schweiger at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 14

    Maika Karasz
    Online Marketing Manager

    maika.karasz at lingoking.com

    Meike Hechler
    Product Manager

    meike.hechler at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 44

    Natascha Knava
    Customer Success Manager

    natascha.knava at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 45

    Nils Mahler

    nils.mahler at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 0

    Sandra Došen
    Head of Project Management

    sandra.dosen at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 34

    Sarah Doleschal
    Finance and HR Manager

    sarah.doleschal at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 16

    Seraphine Prietl
    Customer Support Manager

    seraphine.prietl at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 18

    Dr. Thomas Emmerling

    thomas.emmerling at lingoking.com
    089 416 12 20 22

    Cuddle Manager