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Order the right translation

Choose the right service from a wide range of standardised certified translations and select target and source language and optinally express delivery or special requests. After payment has been taken, you can upload your document as a scan/photo in your personal dashboard - easily and quickly. For all individual requests, please use our custom solutions. 

Translation by court-sworn translators

 After you have uploaded your document/photo, your order is automatically forwarded to the appropriate translator. Certified translations are carried out by our court-sworn translators. You can check the status of your translation at any time in your personal login area.

Approval & Shipping

Once your certified translation is finished, you will receive a notification from our translator asking for your approval. 

After your approval, your certified translation will be sent to you. You can also download your translation directly from our platform, if you added this services to your order.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translated document, including a signed attestation clause from the translator or a translation agency confirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation, bearing an official stamp or seal. It serves as a legal or official record, attesting to the authenticity of the translation for use in various official or administrative purposes.

Acceptance by Authorities

Certified translations are often required for official or legal purposes, such as immigration applications, court proceedings, or academic admissions, so it is essential that the translation meets the specific requirements and standards of the relevant authorities or institutions.

Certified documents

There are a large number of documents that need to be certified if they are to be submitted to the authorities. The translation must accurately reflect the content of the original document and ensure that all information, including text, illustrations and formatting, is faithfully reproduced in the target language.

Attestation clause of a court sworn translator

The translated document must be accompanied by an attestation clause signed by the translator, affirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation and attesting to the translator's qualifications.

Official Stamp or Seal

A certified translation typically bears an official stamp or seal from the sworn translator, further validating its authenticity and suitability for official or legal use.

Your dashboard for effortless online management

Our dashboard/your personal log-in area is the heart of our translation platform. Here's where you get a transparent overview of your project and its status. You can also chat with our team or the translators directly. Make comments, approve your translations and/or download your translation with just one click.

Communicate directly

In your dashboard, you are able to contact respective translators for your projects or ask questions directly to our customer support. 

The perfect overview of everything!

Whether it's new orders, completed orders, messages, or invoices everything important for your translation project is collected in your dashboard!

Overview of all tasks!

In your dashboard, you have an overview of all your translations and tasks: upload documents, confirm and accept or reject translations or respond to messages from translators.

Step by step to the finished translation

You can track and monitor the status of your translation projects step by step - anytime. Once the translation is completed, you will receive a notification for acceptance.

Your personal login area!

Simply log in with your personal login credentials to always keep track of your projects.

Your benefits at a glance
All languages

Demonstrating proficiency in translating a wide range of languages, catering to diverse client needs and offering comprehensive language support.

Court-sworn translators

Highlighting official certifications and accreditations from recognised bodies, demonstrating compliance with industry standards and the expertise of translators.

Express delivery

Offering expedited services without compromising quality, providing quick and efficient translations to meet tight deadlines and urgent client needs.

Accuracy Guarantee

Assuring clients of precise and faithful translations, emphasising meticulous quality control processes to maintain accuracy in every document.

Specialisation and Expertise

Showcasing proficiency in various industries and subject areas, emphasising specialised knowledge and experience in legal, medical, technical, or other specialised fields.

Confidentiality Assurance

Ensuring strict confidentiality and data security measures to safeguard sensitive information and protect clients' privacy throughout the translation process. 

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