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Having social media posts translated sounds simple at first. Considering that these are the channels through which most customers are addressed, it is clear that companies in this segment must demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and that machine translation is not an option. This applies not only to postings and stories, but also to your brand presence on the various communication platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Insta and Co.

With our unique translation app and our professional network of strictly controlled specialist translators with diverse industries, we not only offer you perhaps the fastest translation service on the market, but also high-quality editing and secure data transfer.


The most important social media translations at a glance

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Translate social media profiles

Companies, freelancers and influencers who want to build reach across national borders need a corresponding profile in English or country-specific language, depending on their strategy. Having social media profiles translated is equivalent to translating a CV or a classic brand presentation. However, length, structure and keywords play just as important a role as the individual industry context. Corresponding expertise from the industry and the platform should therefore be a given in order to be able to guarantee an optimal translation and consequently appearance in the area of social media.

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This is what you should pay attention to when translating
e-commerce translations:

  • When translating websites, the linguistic, cultural and sometimes legal conventions of the target country must also be taken into account (so-called localization). That's why it's especially important for websites to hire a translator with reliable expertise and a native-speaker background. The translator's creativity and command of the language are very important for websites - after all, you want to present yourself to your foreign-language website visitors at least as well as to those in the source language!


Translate postings, social ads and stories

Publishing multilingual posts and stories has a positive impact on your brand awareness and helps you internationalise. Thus, your communication strategy and the creation of your social media plan should always take translation into account. Localisation and terminology are particularly important here for addressing. That's why the translation of social media posts, stories and status updates should always be done by native speakers with industry knowledge.

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Translate image and video content for social media

Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are very visual. Images and videos emotionalise and reduce the complexity of the information. So it makes sense to translate not only the descriptions, but also the image content. Here they have two options. Either upload the images directly with your order and receive the transcribed text back in the desired format or send us the open editable file. Our translation professionals with a graphic background thus have the opportunity to edit your Photoshop or Indesign file directly and send you the translated graphic “ready2post” for social media.

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We answer your questions

We answer your translation questions on the topic of social media:

Social media is the mouthpiece and communication medium of our time. Not only the young generation, and thus the customers of tomorrow, are addressed via TikTok, Instagram. Generation X, Y (millenials) and even the Best Agers also inform themselves via YouTube and organise and communicate via Facebook groups. By the end of 2021, the number of people registered on a social media platform will be around 3 billion. Of course, this also has a huge potential to increase your brand awareness, your traffic and your conversions. However, your message must naturally also reach the customers and users of the platforms. And anyone who has ever tried to increase their reach and interactions on social media can understand how difficult it can be.

That is why it is important to address your target group directly and in your mother tongue. Be it in direct communication, via posts or via segmented social ads. Trust is important and if this is not guaranteed through poor or even incorrect social media translations, this can even have a negative impact on your brand reputation and therefore your turnover.

Transcreation can become relevant when translating social media posts, postings or stories. In transcreation, content is not translated 1:1, but rather according to the meaning and with a view to the cultural environment. With this type of social media translation, the focus is on the emotion that is to be triggered in the users by the posts. Here, the posts are not translated, but often completely rewritten. Always with the aim that the contribution performs at least equally well in relation to the source text.

Not only do we live technology, but so do our translators. Thus, state-of-the-art translation tools are used by our qualified specialist translators. This helps to treat recurring text passages and formulations with common business terminology in the same and consistent way. In addition to being fast and effective, these tools avoid errors and guarantee consistent terminology throughout. This, in combination with human editing, not only increases the quality of the translation, but also contributes to faster and more effective editing of your social media texts.

A simple or machine translation of your marketing documents usually does not lead to the desired goals. In order to be able to perform with social media campaigns outside your own country's borders, you need to address your target group individually and precisely and/or serve your search queries. This is the only way to build sustainable awareness and to be found on social media channels with your posts and products. Increased brand awareness and traffic through perfectly translated ads and #hashtags usually also leads to more traffic, more clicks, more bookings, more sales and consequently an increased “return of investment” on your advertising spend.

Questions about ordering or service?

Depending on the requirements, the various tools, providers and services offer different advantages. However, for professional communication with clients and stakeholders, we recommend not using Deepl exclusively for translation without subsequent proofreading by a native speaker. Although one saves considerable costs in translation, this service does not yet reach the translation quality of professional translators.

As a result, in terms of usability, speed and quality, the lingoking translation app is currently probably the best solution for small to large translation jobs that do not have specific requirements in terms of niche or brand-specific terminology or technical terms. The personal exchange (offer, feedback, etc.) is omitted and is only carried out at the request of the customer.

The classic lingoking translation service is recommended if the time component is not the decisive criterion or if you are dependent on an offer for larger order volumes. Individual onboarding through our project management, interface optimisation, service and sustainable good cooperation are our focus here. Complemented by the Urgent Translation App — for one or more people in your department or company, this model is probably the best overall package we can currently offer you.

Depending on the product or translation service, different formats are available for translation. In principle, we can accept and convert all common file formats from you. This ranges from simple URL input for website translation, to uploading a photo for simple documents and contracts, to complex Excel spreadsheets and XML connections.

Basically, however, 3 essential format types can be distinguished:

  1. Editable text and file formats: Classic text documents from the Adobe, Google and Microsoft Suite can be translated directly and without much effort. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Indesign formats such as txt, doc, xlsx, pptx and indd.

  2. Non-editable text and file formats Photos, films, PDFs are among the non-editable formats and entail an increased effort. Here you will receive the translation back in the desired form or as a simple Word/text document, which you can then embed independently in the original (film, document, website). These include pdf, jpg, png, mov and mp3 formats

  3. CMS-based text formats In the field of e-commerce, the most practical option is to edit texts directly in the content management system (CMS) or to export them from it. With the help of our CAT tools, these can be edited quickly and easily and then imported by you into your CMS. These include CSV, PO, htm, Xliff, XML and YAML.

Admittedly, we are not faster than Deepl — but we are better. If one compares the existing translation alternatives on the market, the actual translation service is preceded by an availability request (in-house or translator) or a price quote must first be requested based on the uploaded document. Both are omitted when booking via our integrated price configurator. On the basis of fixed prices and the information you provide, we can quote you a fixed price even before reviewing your document, which does not have to be corrected if the information is correct. And that is why we are simply faster than most market participants.

In order to provide you with the best possible quality, your translation will only be carried out by trained and native translators. Only our translators will have access to your personal documents. Discretion and security are very important to us, which is why the encryption and upload in the digital order process also follow the highest security levels.

Additional quality assurance is provided by the 4-eyes principle — as well as our certification according to the European quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation services. If you need to get it done quickly, we also offer an express service that allows you to meet even the tightest deadlines. Of course, we will treat your documents confidentially!

Depending on the requirement, the translation cycle passes through different process stages. We use AI-supported CAT tools that make the translation process effective and fast. Supplemented by our certified specialist translators and quality assurance, we create the perfect infrastructure for your project.

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