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Ukraine Residence Permit: Which documents do you need?

Annemarie Knatz | 23.03.2022

Entry and then? Many Ukrainian refugees are currently deciding to stay in Germany and make it their new home. But Germany would not be Germany if this didn’t involve a lot of red tape. We’ll show you which official procedures are now necessary and which (translated) documents you need for this.

What do I need for a residence permit?

With the Ukraine Residency Transition Regulation (UkraineAufenthÜV), people who have fled Ukraine can legally enter Germany without a visa and with only a biometric passport. This regulation provides a quick unbureaucratic remedy, but does not apply for the refugees’ long-term stay.


In order to apply for a residence permit, you must first register a permanent residence in Germany. In addition to your passport or identity card, you must also present the following documents:


  • accommodation provider confirmation (compulsory from 1.11.2015)
  • child IDs or birth certificates of the children moving in with you
  •  rental or purchase contract, if applicable
  • marriage certificate, if applicable

Which Ukrainian documents need to be translated?

While your passport is recognised without translation in most cases, German authorities and offices often require a translation of your birth or marriage certificate (sometimes including an apostille). Sounds complicated and time-consuming? lingoking offers you a quick and easy solution for the (certified) translation of your Ukrainian birth certificate with the help of our easy-to-use web-app.

Do I need the translated birth certificate just for the residence permit?

No. If you want to stay in Germany longer, the residence permit is just the first hurdle you can overcome with your translated birth certificate. As soon as you receive your residence permit and start working, you can also apply for child benefit or parental allowance, for example. Here, too, you will need the translation of your Ukrainian birth certificate and/or that of your children.

What other translations may be necessary?

Depending on the authority, further documents may be required for the issuance of a residence permit in addition to the translation of your Ukrainian birth certificate. In the case of spouses, for example, a translation of your Ukrainian marriage certificate is often required.