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  • Have you written an English text for your company or for your own private purposes? Do you want to have it proofread again, despite your good knowledge of foreign languages? Then you should consider professional English proofreading by a native speaker. Choose our online service now and receive your finished text back, proofread and error-free, in just a few days.

Get professional corrections quickly & securely

Have you written an English text for your company or for your own private purposes? Do you want to have it proofread again, despite your good knowledge of foreign languages? Then you should consider professional English proofreading by a native speaker. Choose our online service now and receive your finished text back, proofread and error-free, in just a few days.

Get professional corrections quickly and securely

In an internationally networked world, it is not always easy to communicate in a common language. English is considered the world's number one language, but many terms and phrases are quite difficult to implement – especially if you are not a native speaker. It is worth having English texts proofread, especially for specialist texts that are to be published in the future.


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Proofreading vs. editing:
Which is more suitable in your case?

The difference between proofreading and editing is not always immediately obvious. Both forms build on each other: proofreading is dedicated exclusively to ensuring that the text is free of errors. English texts, for example, are proofread under the following aspects:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Errors in expression
  • Punctuation

  • English proofreading can always be useful, despite your own foreign language skills – especially when it comes to a company's public presence. The rule here is: Always have translations proofread. If you would like to enhance your target text with additional country-specific content, editing specifically for the English market is a good idea.

    This is because translators go into even more detail here. The aim is to improve the text on various levels by additionally checking and, if necessary, adjusting style and content. In the case of translations, this means that the original text is adapted to the target language. If, for example, you want to publish a technical text in the USA or the UK, country-specific wording and idioms will also be incorporated.

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  • Is your dissertation written in English and should now be proofread? Or are you a PhD student who has the chance to publish a scientific paper? Prevent possible sources of error and avoid misunderstandings with the help of an English proofreading service. This way, even complicated scientific texts will be a success – and the final grade is secured! To ensure that this succeeds, native speakers from lingoking’s network of linguists and interpreters are always available to you as English proofreaders. This is how we guarantee you error-free specialist texts.
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Correcting English texts for business use

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  • Whether for the website, contract documents or advertising measures – English is the language of international trade! But it’s also particularly prone to errors. For proper communication, you should always have your correspondence in English checked by a proofreader. But simple website texts, catalogue descriptions and other information material should also be free of errors. After all, your company should present itself well to the outside world. Have your texts proofread to be able to communicate your message correctly to English customers as well.
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Our quality promise

Our primary concern is that your English texts receive high-quality proofreading – regardless of whether they are for private or business use. This is what we stand for with our quality promise. Our translation services are certified according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05. So you can be sure that you will receive clean and error-free English proofreading. Make an enquiry quickly and conveniently via our online portal. We will send your request to an expert from our vast network of interpreters, native speakers and linguists who are particularly knowledgeable in this field. After only a few days, you will receive the corrected text by e-mail and, if desired, also by post.

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    Sensitive and confidential handling of your data
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  • Specialised & high quality
    Diverse selection options based on our native speakers
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We answer your questions about english proofreading.

You have already taken some language certificates in English and have a good command of the language? Then you can do a lot of the text work yourself. But to deliver a truly error-free text for any occasion, it pays to hire a professional, native-language specialist translator. Thanks to many years of expertise, our lingoking translators unerringly catch both minor and serious errors. This way you can be sure that your text is linguistically correct.

You can conveniently submit your documents to us online, regardless of your location. All submitted texts are digitally corrected and sent back to you. We support various file formats. To give you an overview, we transparently show you which corrections have been made by means of comments and trackable changes.

English proofreading too can sometimes involve texts containing sensitive data. This could be information about a company, about products or even statistical data from a thesis with a blocking notice. To keep these details under wraps, we ensure secure encryption and discretion when uploading your documents.


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