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More than 440 million people on earth have Spanish as their mother tongue. This applies to very many countries in Central and South America (Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.) and even some southern states of the USA. Spanish is the most widely spoken native language after Chinese and the second official world language after English. Accordingly, we make every effort to offer you a wide range of native Spanish translators and interpreters from various disciplines.

Our translation app with its web-based ordering system allows you to quickly book professional interpreters for on-site appointments worldwide and to commission written translations from all over the world - officially recognised and certified for all target languages and countries.


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Does a Spanish company want to make you a lucrative offer during a business meeting? Are you a freelance journalist looking to conduct important research in a country where Spanish is spoken? Perhaps you are planning an adventure holiday in South America lasting several weeks and would like to receive expert linguistic support during this time? For all of the above, choosing a Spanish interpreter from lingoking is the right solution. With a professionally trained Spanish interpreter from lingoking, you are always on the safe side communication-wise: All questions, queries and answers are translated quickly and accurately.


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As with all other language translations, attention must be paid to localisation, transcreation and the cultural subtleties of the language.

When translating Spanish texts, the content must not only be conveyed correctly in terms of subject matter and terminology. The final texts must also be adapted to the linguistic, cultural and sometimes legal conventions of the target country (so-called localisation). Even native speakers sometimes do not have the necessary linguistic competence for these specialised Spanish translations. That is why it is particularly important to hire a native-speaker translator with reliable expertise. This way you can be sure that your translation is technically and linguistically perfect.

Depending on the needs, a transcreation can also be the right solution. With this form of contextual translation, the translator is given more creative freedom. This can be particularly useful when translating emotional and entertaining advertising and marketing texts.

Whether school certificate, university certificate, police certificate of good conduct, employment reference letter, internship certificate or licence to practise medicine - abroad, depending on the employer or authority, competent translations are needed, usually in the number one business language: English. In some cases, these must be certified by a sworn translator in order to be legally valid.

Certified translations cannot be made by oneself, as a certification stamp is required. Only state-recognised translators have this stamp, after they have applied for it at the regional court. Self-made translations are not recognised as official documents.

The certified translation of school certificates plays a major role especially when families with children emigrate and the educational level of the pupils must be determined for integration into the foreign school system.

From our many years of experience, we can clearly identify which language combinations are particularly relevant and in demand for Spanish translations:

Spanish - English, English - Spanish, Spanish - Italian Italian - Spanish, Spanish - French, French - Spanish. Here you can find the overview of all our 80 available target languages.

Here are our answers, for the perfect Spanish interpreter!

lingoking is happy to provide interpreters for various specialist areas and occasions, whether it is a private matter, a visit to a trade fair or even an upcoming court hearing. You can rely one hundred percent on your lingoking interpreter when it comes to his or her professional competence. Because lingoking only employs interpreters who have a sound education from a recognised university and have already been working in the field of language mediation for several years.

Furthermore, your Spanish interpreter is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality about everything related to his or her work for you. For this purpose, he first signs a confidentiality agreement and the interpreters' code of ethics.

Basic activities such as shopping for groceries or getting information at the railway counter sometimes pose an almost insurmountable linguistic hurdle. Especially with a language like Spanish, which native speakers speak very quickly and energetically. With a Spanish interpreter from lingoking, however, you have a Romance language expert at your side who will remove any language barriers for you.

Hiring a Spanish interpreter from lingoking for your personal use is easy. Let us know when, where, how long and for which language combination you need the interpreter. We will send you a non-binding offer as soon as possible.

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