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Whether you need a certified translation of your personal documents or are thinking about selling your products internationally – a translation agency can help you with all kinds of translation services.

Have you always wanted to know how a simultaneous interpreter works, or would you like to know in advance if your document needs to be certified by a sworn translator? Are you looking for a local translator or interpreter in your city? Gain insights into different language worlds in the lingoking guide and learn more about the languages into which your projects can be translated.

lingoking is not only the delivery service for translations, but also your source for extensive background knowledge about our services - so you know what you are booking and can place your project in the hands of lingoking translators and interpreters with confidence.



Here you can find out everything you need to know about our translation services and translation products. This will enable you to find out in advance what you need to have a particular document translated for and whether you may require a certified translation.


For which occasions do you need an interpreter, in which cases does he/she have to be sworn in by a court of law and how do different interpreters work? Find out everything you need to know about interpreting and interpreting services at lingoking!