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Textübersetzung / text translation
What is translation: 

Translation is a written form of converting text, written in a given language, into a different language. A translated text will typically be checked by a native speaker in order to guarantee its comprehensibility. By the way: Interpreting is a form of verbal translation of spoken words.

Our translators are located in more than 40 countries around the world, fulfil the highest standards and are precisely checked by us. After all, when it comes to a professional specialist translation, quality and security are the be all and end all. See for yourself!

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What kind of translations does lingoking offer: 

lingoking offers every kind of translation, no matter if you need website translations, financial translations, medical translations, legal translations, technical translations or marketing translations.

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All translators working for lingoking are highly qualified and:

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Which language combinations are on offer: 

We offer translations for all major language combinations, and lots of the more specialist ones too!

How long does it take to process my translation:

As we have access to a large pool of translators, you will receive your translation very quickly indeed. In most cases we send you the translation within 48 hours.

Qualitätssicherung / quality assurence
What about quality and discretion?: 

Quality is lingoking’s highest priority! Not only are we accredited with the DIN EN ISO 17100 translation standard, but we have also developed our own quality campaign by working closely with industry professionals, universities and translation associations. Every lingoking translator has been accredited internally by our standards, which are stricter than the DIN EN norm. Discretion is also very close to our heart – a strict confidentiality agreement is signed by the translator at the start of each new assignment. Because of this, we know that we can guarantee you an excellent-quality interpreting service which you can trust. Find out more about our quality standards.

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