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For its newsletters, myphotobook regularly requires translations into 7 (Western and Northern European) languages. Since timing is paramount in any marketing planning, they rely on particularly reliable and careful translators. For this, they selected lingoking. With our experienced and professional translators, we always provide myphotobook with quality and timely translations of their newsletters.

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myphotobook GmbH

The myphotobook success story

"myphotobook is the top provider for digital photo-finishing on the internet. Whether emotional moments such as pictures from holidays, of the family, of the children or pets, at myphotobook customers can create a physical reminder of all their memories! The design software from is one of the most cutting-edge and most sought-after applications for digital images that exist on the net."

The web company was founded in Berlin in 2004 and is now one of the largest photo book manufacturers in Europe with a presence in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. To keep its customers informed about the latest products and offers, myphotobook regularly sends out newsletters in 7 Western and Northern European languages.

The e-commerce company has opted for lingoking’s services in this regard. It was impressed above all by the quality of the translations. The competent customer service and clearly structured processes were also a definite plus.

And so our joint success story continues. We at lingoking are proud to support myphotobook and look forward to more exciting projects together, under the motto: "excellent quality and uncompromising customer orientation"!

"Structured, competent and top quality!"

@Natascha Schweiger | Project Manager


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