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For its winter and summer collections as well as website and workbooks, HEAD Sport regularly requires the translation of its product lists and descriptions as well as shorter texts from English into German, Spanish, French and Italian. For this, HEAD Sport counts on experienced, reliable and meticulous translators who work carefully and implement their instructions and requirements accordingly. For this, the choice fell on lingoking. With our experienced and professional translators, we always provide HEAD Sport with quality and punctual translations.

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The HEAD Sport Success Story

HEAD is one of the world's leading suppliers of premium equipment and apparel for athletes of all levels. Since its founding in 1950, the international company has been known around the world for its innovative design, manufacturing expertise and passion in sports. To perform at the highest level in sports, you need excellent equipment, and that's exactly what HEAD has made its mission: to provide athletes at every level with the exact equipment they need to not only shine, but win.

The web company sells its products under six other brands in addition to the HEAD brand and is present in 31 European countries, Canada, the USA and Japan. The demand for new innovative designs and products is always continuing and is naturally intended to pick up the clientele in the respective country in their mother tongue.

The choice fell on lingoking. lingoking was able to convince HEAD Sport as a global translation platform with its speed and quality of translations. The uncomplicated communication with the project management team made it easy for HEAD to hand over the translation task and trust lingoking's expertise.

We are proud to count HEAD Sport among our satisfied customers and to contribute our small part to HEAD's corporate mission "BRING HIGH PERFORMANCE TO EVERY ATHLETE - PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR - TO ALLOW THEM TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE".

"Fast and easy, just the way we like it!"

@Natascha Schweiger | Project Manager


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