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Translation of your paper driver’s license

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  • Get your paper driver’s license translated - by court sworn translators 
  • Including certification and classification (optional) 
  • Standard and express delivery possible 
  • Recognised by government agencies and authorities 

 We can translate your old paper driver’s license - with certification and, on request, also with classification! The main difference between the old paper drivers’ licenses and the new plastic card drivers’ licenses is that they have more text! Unfortunately, we have to take this additional work into account when calculating the price, so that the translation of a paper driver’s license is somewhat more expensive. 

If you have a plastic card driver’s license, please book your driver’s license translation here

Order the translation of your paper driver’s license online in just a few clicks - it’s easy and straightforward. You will receive your finished, certified translation by post within a few days. Our translators are subject to stringent controls. Your translation will, of course, be carried out exclusively by capable translators. 

Please note that we only offer classifications into German. More information on classification can be found here.