The business app for translations

Business Apps
  • Over 30 customisable business apps for your company-specific requirements.
  • Quick, easy access to your personal translators.
  • Perfect matching between your employees and our translators.
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The USPs of our Business App

  • INTUITIVE: Own customer login & link to your intranet
  • INDIVIDUAL: Delivery speeds, reminder mailings and deadlines
  • SMART: Integration and inclusion of existing APIs and interfaces
  • FLEXIBLE: Billing as desired (per translation, monthly collective invoice, subscription)

The interface for your translations

With our web-based translation apps, we enable you to quickly book professional language services. You can choose whether you want to use one app for all your translations or several individual apps for different user groups and areas of application. All Business Apps are based on our classic Web.Apps for translations and are similar to a web shop in their functionality. The advantage of the Business App is that you alone decide which options, features and translators your app should depict. This not only makes it easier for your employees to use, but also minimises errors and inconsistencies in your translation. A perfect addition for companies and marketeers who want to expand into the world together with lingoking.


Your personal onboarding
This is how it works!

We strive to make the implementation of our business app and the process as lean as possible and to take you by the hand during the launch of your translation app. Once specified and adapted to your business case, matching with your translators is automated and requires no further investment.

Find the right translation app for your business case!

For the perfect onboarding and a solution that is the best possible fit, start with the selection of the desired apps and the corresponding industry. This helps us to adapt the offer and find the right specialist linguists for you from our network.



Wählen Sie Ihren fachbereich
  • Select from one of the desired industries.
  • Choose the number of translation apps you want as needed
  • Select the base unit on which you want to base your translation app
  • Let us know how quickly and at what time you would generally like to receive the translations.


Matching mit unserem Netzwerk
  • After your onboarding, we take the next step together and lay the foundation for each of your translation apps. On this basis, we can provide you with the most suitable solution and a perfect match-up of the translators and your employees and stakeholders.
  • SPECIALIST AREA For which specialist area do you need the app / the translation?
  • FACHBEREICH Für welchen Fachbereich benötigen Sie die App / die Übersetzung?


  • SPECIALISATION Does localisation/transcreation play a role?
  • LINGUISTS Are you integrating translators from your network? Do you need a sworn translator?
  • INTERFACE Tell us which interfaces, APIs and third party systems should be integrated (translation memory, CMS, etc.)


Die Web App im Aufbau
  • HEADLINE: Give your translation app a name
  • DETAILS: Specify your offer to the staff
  • OPTIONS: Define further service options outside of your fixed basic package


  • C2A: Define your personal Call 2 Action
  • SERVICE: Define your type of service / help
  • NOTES Clarify questions or refer to your FAQs


  • CORPORATE DESIGN: Take advantage of the opportunity to link your log-in area to your brand and your corporate design, and provide it with helpful and appealing content, images and videos.
  • LANDING PAGE: Create a landing page on which your employees and stakeholders see the different translation apps.

    e.G: > FAQ Page
    > Overview
    > Contact page


  • MODULE: Choose from 10 customised modules with which you can present and describe your translation app.
  • SERVICE: Take the opportunity to integrate our Customer Service on your site or refer to internal contact persons


Noch mehr Lingoking! Der lingoking-Pro-Service.
  • Link our translation apps to your intranet
    And thereby connect your employees and partners with our platform and our professional network of specialist translators.
  • Benefit from different translation apps Which are tailored to the needs of your departments and specialist areas


  • Simple and convenient evaluation and cost control.
    Depending on your needs, you can store multiple user IDs behind the apps, order processes or logins. This creates price transparency, helps you with controlling and thus assists with monthly billing.
  • Scale up and add to your app as needed
    Are you expanding into new markets? If you need more service options or want to activate another app for another department, no problem.


For the perfect onboarding and a solution that fits as closely as possible, start by selecting the desired apps and the corresponding industry. This helps us to customise the offer and find the right specialist linguists for you from our network.

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Your individual onboarding

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The lingoking quality promise

A translation that reaches you quickly and at the same time meets the highest standards - that is a matter close to our hearts. Whether a standard or express translation, certified or uncertified - quality is our top priority! That is why we are certified according to the international standard for translation services DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05. For you, this means that with us you have a proven high-quality translation service provider that meets the criteria of the international quality standard EN ISO 17100. With us, your translations are in good hands - whether for private use or business!

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