What do Ukrainian refugees have to consider when entering Germany?

With the growing number of refugees, the demand for Ukrainian interpreters and translators is also increasing throughout Germany. For a temporary stay, administrative procedures are kept to a minimum at first. But anyone who wants to stay and work in Germany for longer must also deal with having their Ukrainian documents translated. For example, a translation of the Ukrainian birth certificate is required in order to apply for a residence permit.

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What documents do Ukrainian entrants need in Germany?

The Ukraine Residency Transition Regulation (UkraineAufenthÜV) of 7 March regulates the entry and residence of all people fleeing Ukraine in order to guarantee refugees easy entry to Germany as well as temporary protection. This way, Ukrainian refugees do not need a visa to enter the country legally; a biometric passport is sufficient. This regulation provides a quick unbureaucratic remedy, but does not apply for the refugees’ long-term stay.

How does the registration process work in Germany?

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  • At least one e-mail address

1. Contact the local helpers

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  • No matter where in Germany you arrive. At most major train stations you will find information pointswhere helpers including interpreters are available to assist you.

2. Enter your data

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  • Report to the government via the BAMF field office or reception centre. The helpers often do this directly upon arrival. In Upper Bavaria, you can also do this online via the following mail address: ukraine.regierung-oberbayern@reg-ob.bayern.de.
  • Simply enter your name, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number and, if available, current accommodation and a copy of your passport.
  • IMPORTANT: Registration must take place within 90 days.

3. Receive your arrival certificate

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  • Take advantage of the benefits of your arrival certificate, such as accommodation, meals as well as medical care.
  • IMPORTANT: The certificate is neither an identity card nor a substitute for an identity card.
  • You want to stay longer in Germany? Then you can apply for a residence permit after your completed registration.

How and where can Ukrainians apply for a residence permit in Germany?

Anyone who wants to stay in Germany longer or work here needs a residence permit in accordance with Section 24 of the Residence Act (AufenthG). Registration is only the first necessary step. However, before the residence permit can be applied for at the competent foreigners authority, a place of residence must be registered and various documents must be provided for this purpose, some of which must also be translated.

Which Ukrainian documents need to be translated for the residence permit?

Depending on the authority, various documents and their translation may be required for the issuance of a residence permit. In most cases you need:

Tip: It is best to ask the competent authority which documents you need to present including (certified) translation before booking.

This is how quickly a Ukrainian birth certificate can be translated

Auswählen-Vorlage-1000px-1000 Kopie.webp

Select options

Set up your desired translation by specifying the quantity, language combination ("Ukrainian-German") and translation option.

Pay-Vorlage-1000px-1000 Kopie.webp


Pay conveniently and comfortably via PayPal, Sofortüberweisung bank transfer, credit card or on account.

Upload-Vorlage-1000px-1000 Kopie.webp

Upload photo

Upload a photo of your birth certificate. We do not need the original. Done.

IMPORTANT: It is best to ask the competent authority which documents you need to present including (certified) translation before booking.

Should Ukrainian refugees apply for asylum?

Displaced persons from Ukraine are not obliged to go through the asylum procedure, so an asylum application is not required. Citizens of Ukraine can be admitted to all EU countries on the basis of the Temporary Protection Directive for providing protection for those displaced by war.

Tip: Those who wish to acquire a residence permit should not apply for asylum, because no residence permit may be issued before the asylum procedure has been completed (except in exceptional cases). An asylum application should therefore only be made - if at all - after prior individual counselling.

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