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How to find the right translator for your Amazon listings

Florian Mayerhoffer | 22.02.2022

There are many translators and agencies on the market. 

But few have tackled the issue as successfully as we have. 

May we introduce: Your options and alternatives for your listing translations.


An overview of your alternatives

Why did we decide to position ourselves in the Amazon sector and offer you one of the most professional and fair translation services? Very simple! Because we realised that the greatest demand is being met by few good translation solutions for AMAZON FBAs. Our goal was to offer a convenient, fast and cost-effective solution. For a future in which the rapidly growing marketplaces – especially Amazon’s – are indispensable.


Many service providers and agencies want to profit from the Amazon boom. As a result, the supply on the market in this area has risen sharply in recent years. The segment and the offered services have become more and more differentiated and professionalised. Consequently, however, this also has an impact on customers. The range on offer is becoming more and more confusing and it is becoming more difficult to filter out the right service provider.

Your checklist for a suitable Amazon translator

Do they speak the language of the target country? Native speaker?


Do they have the necessary SEO skills for keyword research?


Do they use tools like Helium or Junge Scout?


Does the translator have expertise in the subject area of my products/industry?


Is the translator also capable of translating advertising texts? (transcreation)

Freelancers & translators

Local translation agencies, freelancers and/or translators have the advantage that they are readily available. Once engaged, the relationship of trust and understanding towards the company, the brand with all its specifications and technical terminologies develops. The downside, however, is that good native translators who specialise in a subject area (SEO) or in a language are hard to find. They also tend to be inflexible for larger multilingual translation jobs.


Also, if you book freelancers via platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, you have no guarantee of delivery and quality. And if you are thinking of distributing your products in several countries in the future, you will have to find a separate service provider for each additional language. This is not only time-consuming, but also involves risks in the acquisition and commissioning process.

(Web & Amazon) agencies

Most Amazon listings are translated by agencies. The offering is comprehensive and the service promising. A logical and comprehensible step, provided that translation is outsourced as part of Amazon account management or as a separate job. The advantage of agencies is their expertise. However, this service is expensive because the agencies usually outsource the service and also charge their transaction costs. The classic way is via a contact form or mailings. However, this type of procurement is very lengthy, non-transparent and complex to process.


Decide early on which translation service to choose and consider the ways in which you would like to scale internationally with your products in the future. Has your account been rather general so far or is there already a targeted strategy behind your project? If you want to serve several platforms/marketplaces/touchpoints or expand into other countries with other languages in the future, you will reach your goal faster and more efficiently with the right partner at your side.

About the author

Florian Mayerhoffer,
Head of Marketing and Brand

Florian — Head of Marketing at lingoking since 2020 — is responsible for building up the brand & marketing department and the external presentation of the “lingoking” brand. Under the focus and the slogan “Push The boundaries”, the aim is to support e-commerce companies and marketplace sellers in their efforts to place their products on foreign markets and marketplaces in a way that is optimised for the country and target group.

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