Text translations

At lingoking you can have any kind of text translated - with just a few clicks you can book your translation online! Our translators are always tested by us for their suitability and have many years of experience. Certified translations are, of course, only carried out by sworn translators. These will be sent by post within 2 to 4 working days. For recurring orders, we work with the same translators and/or a translation memory system to ensure a consistent style. The finished translations can be easily downloaded from our platform within a few days.

Advertising brochure

Reaching customers worldwide? Get your advertising brochures professionally translated and address new target groups!

From € 46.53 incl. quality control

Announcement / Invitation

Specialist, native-language translators professionally translate your invitation or announcement!

From € 30.94 incl. quality control

Company newspaper / Newsletter

Get your company newspapers and newsletters translated - by professional translators.

From € 46.41 incl. quality control

Cover Letter

Get your cover letter professionally translated by native-speaking translators into any language.

From € 61.99 incl. quality control


Professional translation of your exposé, prepared by specialist translators with knowledge and experience - order online now!

From € 38.67 incl. quality control

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Translation of your FAQs by professional translators - at low fixed prices in the usual high lingoking quality!

From € 46,41 incl. quality control

Information brochure

Professional translators with in-depth marketing expertise tranlate in the best quality.

From € 64.26 incl. quality control

Letter / E-mail

Have letters and e-mails translated by professional translators - into any language you want!

From € 30.94 incl. quality control

Manual / Handbook

manuals in the language of the target market - simply order online, translated by native-speaking technical translators.

From € 46.41 incl. quality control

Other translation

Have your specialist texts translated simply and easily online - by professional and, if required, sworn translators.

From € 46.90 incl. quality control

Presentation with comments

Get your presentations professionally translated into every langauge - for customers, partners or experts!

From € 30.94 incl. quality control

Presentation without comments

Get your presentations professionally translated into every langauge - for customers, partners or experts!

From € 23.20 incl. quality control

Press Release

Present your news in the best possible light and maximise your reach by professionally translating your press releases.

From € 46.01 incl. quality control

Product Description

International erfolgreich verkaufen mit professionell übersetzten Produktbeschreibungen von erfahrenen Fachübersetzern.

From € 46.41 incl. quality control


Have translations proofread - by professional, native-speaking translators.

From € 47.90 incl. quality control


Order your professional translation online - with proofreading possible!

From € 54.14 incl. quality control

Short text translation

Get short texts and text extracts translated by professional, native-speaking translators

From € 35.90 incl. quality control


Order the translation of your website online in just a few clicks - it’s easy and straightforward.

From € 61.88 incl. quality control