Human Resources

You work for the Human Resources department and need translations? Then lingoking is the right place for you! With the lingoking platform you can have various documents from the field of human resources translated with just a few clicks, for example documents of an applicant, job advertisements to attract foreign applicants or even certificates or driving licences to make it easier for your new employees to enter the new country. Our translators are well versed in cultural differences and will always strike the right note! You can download the finished translation after only a few working days via our platform.

Business letter / e-mail

Have letters and e-mails translated by professional translators - into any language you want!

From € 30.94 incl. quality control

CV / Resume

All you need for the perfect application: professional translation or proofreading in any language!

From € 49.90 incl. quality check

Certificate of good conduct

Certified translation of your certificate of good conduct into any language!

From € 52.90 incl. certification and shipping

Commissioned data processing contract

lingoking offers you the professional translation of your CDP contract into any language!

From € 69.61 incl. quality control

Cover Letter

Get your cover letter professionally translated by native-speaking translators into any language.

From € 61.99 incl. quality control

Employment reference letter

Have your employment reference letter translated into any language you want - by professional translators.

From € 69.90 incl. quality control

Internship Certificate

Your performance perfectly phrased - professional translation of your reference by native-speaking expert translators.

From € 69.90 incl. quality control

Job Advertisement

Would you like to address international applicants in their native language? We offer you the professional translation of your job ad!

From € 38.67 incl. quality control

LinkedIn profile / Xing profile

Your career perfectly formulated - professional translation of your LinkedIn or Xing profile by native translators.

Only € 99.90 incl. quality control


Have translations proofread - by professional, native-speaking translators.

From € 47.90 incl. quality control