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Telephone Interpreting

Professional phone interpreters in a matter of minutes

You need an interpreter for an important negotiation, a conference call or an urgent discussion with participants that speak a different language? To avoid misunderstandings and disputes due to wrong translations you should book a professional phone interpreter to support you. The interpreter will be hooked into your call or talk via telephone and interprets simultaneously or consecutively – depending on the available technology. From one language to the other and vice versa – wherever you are located, for a fair price.

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Phone interpreting with lingoking. Simple, flexible and affordable.

When speaking with foreign language-speaking customers or business partners, do you ever get the feeling that you've only said what your language abilities allowed you to say, instead of what you really meant?

lingoking knows this problem and conveys a professional phone interpreter to companies and private individuals within a matter of minutes. Relax and speak with your conversation partner and an interpreter by phone conference in your mother tongue. Without misunderstandings. And without sweaty hands.

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Use our large network of spontaneously available specialists, who can be flexibly booked into your phone conversations by the minute. Our professional interpreters are available in almost every language combination and are individually selected for your required business field.


A smart solution - not just for companies: As a private individual you can also benefit from the lingoking phone interpreter service! You can rely on our service in the event of an emergency abroad, for example. It works everywhere, is fast and affordable.


Please note: For very specific conversation topics or particularly unusual language combinations we ask you for a little time, so that we can find the best interpreter for your conversation. But within 1 to 2 days we can also fulfil your request for a phone interpreter even for unusual language combinations.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Available in no time : Within just a few minutes you can communicate via an interpreter with the right style and timing and complete your business quickly and even more professionally. The lingoking phone interpreter service is also there for you in emergency situations abroad and allows a quick communication in your own native language – without misunderstandings and imprecision.

  • Flexible : Our phone interpreter service does not rely on location and can be used at short notice. lingoking interpreters work around the world from more than 40 countries and communicate via telephone. This allows you to use our service outside of opening hours – so that you can successfully communicate with your business partners at any time, day or night.

  • Simple : All you need to book an interpreter via lingoking is your phone! Book our service directly via our hotline – simple as that. Should you ever get into difficulties: we are always here for you. By phone, live chat or e-mail.

  • Eloquent : The lingoking interpreter network offers a whole pool of interpreters with a wide range of language combinations and expertise. It's always best to tell us what specific subject you plan to talk about: whether business or personal contact, tourism or research, English or Chinese — we will select the appropriate interpreter for you!

  • Affordable : With the lingoking phone interpreter service you are charged precisely by the minute. Unlike conventional interpreter services, where, in addition to the hourly rate, you also have to pay for the travel costs of the interpreter. The use of professional phone interpreters is worthwhile: with minimal costs you can communicate with your business partners without barriers – and that pays for itself in the long run.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Which language combinations are on offer?

    In principle, all major languages are available, however, only the following are available immediately: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Chinese.

  • How long does it take for an interpreter to call me back?

    The time period depends on the desired language combination. For immediately available languages: no more than 20 minutes, for all other languages we provide a phone interpreter within 24 hours on a working day.

  • How much does a lingoking phone interpreter cost?

    icon person

    Telephone interpreting

    € 69.00*per 30 minutes

    *: plus VAT.

  • What about quality and discretion?

    Quality is the highest priority at lingoking! We work only according to the criteria of DIN EN ISO 17100. Furthermore, we have developed our own quality offensive in close cooperation with our professional interpreters, universities and associations that guarantee you security, trust and the highest quality. Every lingoking interpreter must present a recognised qualification and is precisely checked. Furthermore, a strict confidentiality agreement must be signed. Find out more .

  • Which payment options does lingoking offer?

    At lingoking you can easily pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), bank transfer or PayPal. This guarantees a quick and secure process and allows you to quickly and straightforwardly make use of the lingoking service. As a company you can also pay on account with us.

  • For whom is the lingoking phone interpreter service intended?

    • Small and medium-sized businesses : Use our interpreter service for your foreign language customer support, to plan business trips or for international cooperation and sales conversations. Organising international correspondence, meetings and conferences becomes child's play with lingoking.
    • Lawyers and public authorities : Use the lingoking phone interpreter service for legal advice or court proceedings with foreign language-speaking clients, when filling in applications or for youth welfare office meetings with foreign language-speaking parents. The lingoking phone interpreter service is a straightforward alternative to conventional interpreter services.
    • Hospitals and doctors : Our interpreter service is spontaneously and quickly available and makes your job easier in the event of medical emergencies. Even during admission and discharge conversations as well as on ward rounds or explanatory talks with foreign language-speaking patients, lingoking is a great help.
    • Private individuals and travellers : Travel safely: use our phone interpreter service when you plan your trip or for emergencies abroad such as a car breakdown or a medical emergency.

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