What makes a good landing page?

Nina Nguyen I 17.08.2021

First impressions count, no matter what the situation in life: the first meeting, the first day at work or the first bite. The same principle applies when potential customers land on your landing page. The whole thing becomes more complex when you launch different landing pages for different countries. Learn in the following article what makes a good landing page and what you should pay attention to, especially in an international context.


What exactly is a landing page?

The very first thing customers do is land on your landing page when they click on an ad or an offer, e.g. in your newsletter. The first interaction of your visitors with your website then takes place on this landing page.

An optimal landing page leads to conversion, i.e. visitors to your website become actual buyers.

Why do you need a landing page?

A landing page is part of the marketing strategy that shows potential customers a specific product or service or otherwise targets the contact details of website visitors (lead generation). The landing page is mostly about motivating the visitor to take an action that leads to more sales.

What are the different types of landing pages?

Landing pages for lead generation:
Such landing pages are used by companies that use AdWords (e.g. lawyers, dentists, other service providers and many B2B companies). In most cases, added value is offered in return for contact information. This can be a white paper or webinar participation, among other things.

E-commerce landing pages:
Products are sold online on these landing pages (see Amazon). The goal here is to sell a certain product.

Squeeze pages:
This is a landing page that targets the email address of potential customers via opt-in in order to be able to write to them afterwards, e.g. via a newsletter.


What constitutes a successful landing page?

An informative headline

Good landing pages focus only on a specific offer or product. Visitors should understand within a few seconds what this landing page is about. Ideally, you should concentrate on a focus keyword that is incorporated into an eye-catching headline. Mostly, website visitors only read the headline, which should therefore immediately arouse interest.

Less is more

The advantages of the product or service are described clearly and precisely. Too much information can overwhelm and lead to the landing page becoming too long and potential customers having to scroll down. This in turn is disadvantageous for the user-friendliness of the landing page. All important information should be "above the fold" (in the area you see first). If possible, the advantages and information can be illustrated in a convincing picture or video. Visuals are processed by the brain faster than letters.

Short loading times

Optimised landing pages should only have a short loading time. You should only use compact images (no large, high-resolution photos!).

Contact form

The form on the landing page asks only for relevant information (e.g. name and email address). If there are too many questions/statements, visitors may be deterred and leave the landing page again before any action is taken.


On a good landing page there is usually a clearly visible and clickable button, know as Call-to-Action (CTA): e.g. "Register now" or "Add to basket". It should be clear so that visitors know exactly what happens as soon as they click on it. It should also be large, bright and prominently placed.

Testimonials and logos

Attractive landing pages contain references and customer logos, depending on the business. These immediately inspire confidence among potential customers.

Tested and inspected

Landing pages should have been thoroughly tested in user tests in order to be able to eliminate errors in advance and implement optimisations before the launch. This way, no opportunities for more conversion are overlooked.

Products such as advertising copy- and website translations are offered at lingoking. You can rest assured that the right translators will be selected for your project so that nothing stands in the way of your profitable landing page. Take a look at products that are relevant to you.

A good example is a landing page of the online time tracker provider Toggl. The landing page is already catchy due to the bright colours and gets to the point with the deadline and the subheading as to what the visitor can hope for from the landing page. It is user-friendly because visitors neither scroll down nor are overloaded with information.

What should be considered when translating international landing pages?

As mentioned above, your landing pages should be search engine optimised and concentrate on just one focus keyword. At the same time, make sure that this keyword also appears in the URL and meta data. The international optimisation of your landing pages therefore also means that this applies to all landing pages in any desired language. So when translating them, it is not only the content and semantically correct translation that is important, but also the content in other relevant places. Search engine optimisation and keyword focus should also exist in the respective languages – for maximum traffic and more conversion.

So it is not enough to simply hire experienced translators. They must be translators who can also carry out keyword and search engine optimisation in the respective language.
At lingoking, exactly this service can be fulfilled. Whether it's an optimised product description, Amazon listing, landing page or website, the project management team draws on a large network of translators to optimise your landing pages internationally.

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About the author

As is unmistakable by my surname, I have Vietnamese roots, but I grew up in a beautiful small town in Lower Franconia (hint: famous for the "battle keys"). Since my school days, I have been passionate about the languages of this world and the different cultures that enrich us. With my experiences from my studies and in the professional field of translation, localisation, transcreation and content, I work in the marketing team of lingoking to introduce the world of lingoking beyond national borders and to inspire companies as well as each individual with our platform.

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