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What do you have to bear in mind when translating a certificate?

What do you have to bear in mind when translating a certificate?

Translate certificates for abroad

More and more people are choosing to live abroad. Be it for studying or for a great job. In order to be successful with your applications, you need important documents, such as your certificates, in the respective national language. We translate your Abitur certificate, employer's reference, diploma or bachelor's/master's certificate into any language!


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Our best-selling certificate translations

Your advantages at a glance

Your advantages at a glance
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  • Secure
    During the entire process, we guarantee secure processing of your documents with SSL encryption.
  • Specific
    With our network of native specialist translators, we offer you country-specific and target-group-specific processing.

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Your perfect specialist translator

Your perfect specialist translator
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FAQ: Our answers to your questions

FAQ: Do you have questions about having certificates translated? You can find the most important answers here:

Unlike in Germany, fewer documents are usually required for an application in the Anglo-American world — often only a cover letter or letter of application translation and curriculum vitae translation are required. Therefore, in most cases, not all certificates need to be translated.

However, keep in mind: Certificates, should they not be mandatory, prove that your information from the CV is true. With translated job references, you also pass on the good impression your previous employers had of you. Translated university certificates can also present you in a good light. Therefore, it is best to clarify which documents are required in a personal telephone call with the possible future employer. Only in this way can you be sure that your documents are complete in the sense of the recipient.

There are subtle nuances and differentiations in every language which — even with a very good command of the foreign language — can hardly be adhered to and translated accurately as a layperson. In general, we therefore advise against translating certificates yourself. This weakens credibility with your reader and rarely makes a professional impression. You may even falsify your certificates to your disadvantage. With authorities, a (usually inaccurate) translation without certification is not legally valid anyway.

Even as a native German speaker, one has to admit that the “certificate language” in German is a science in itself. It is therefore better to opt for a professional translator who is guaranteed to translate the content of your certificates with perfect grammar and expression. An additional quality check by a second native specialist translator, a so-called proofreading, offers even more security and is part of the standard procedure of professional translation agencies.

Your translation will be carried out exclusively by professional specialist translators. This ensures that your translation is recognized by all government offices and authorities. Only our translators will have access to your personal documents. Discretion and security are very important to us, which is why the encryption and upload in the digital order process also follow the highest security levels.

An attestation clause legally assures the accuracy of the translation. Thus, you give a better impression with it. Authorities and offices, but also universities and even some companies, even require a translation with certification.

Although we also offer a simple translation including quality control or with additional proofreading by a second specialist translator, we recommend booking a certified translation especially for private individuals.

That varies. In principle, the costs for required certificate translations and certification can be covered by the employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) or other agencies. It is best to clarify this with your authority or office before submitting your application.


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Still questions about the product or the order?

Still questions about the product or the order?