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  • Do your professionals communicate fluently in Java, C# and Python? We ensure that your documents are understood in any language by assisting with the recognition of official documents and other important documentation and by professionally translating and certifying them.

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Certified translations for international IT professionals

Java, Python, C++: What language does your next IT expert speak?

The IT industry is global and the best talents are located all over the world. From diplomas to identity cards: We ensure that all documents of your international IT candidate are translated correctly and certified into German.

Our translators understand the meaning behind every term when it comes to official documents. With a deep understanding of language nuances, they ensure that documents for visa applications, driving licences and diplomas are not only translated accurately, but are also culturally adapted. In a globally networked IT world, every detail counts. That's why we make every effort to ensure that your documents are translated clearly, correctly and reliably for you. Every detail counts when hiring international IT talent, and it's our job to make sure the language barrier doesn't get in the way.

With our easy-to-use booking platform, you not only get fast and accurate translations, but also the convenience and peace of mind that your international recruiting process will run smoothly. Enable a smooth start for your professionals in Germany.


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  • When translating official documents, the linguistic, cultural and sometimes legal conventions of the target country must also be taken into account (so-called localisation). That is why it is particularly important to hire a native speaker with reliable expertise for the translation of such documents. The translator's accuracy and proficiency of the language are very important in certified translations - after all, you want to ensure that your professionals are portrayed according to their qualifications!

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Your guide for personal translation issues

Who hasn't dreamed of starting over in a foreign country? Or of growing old in the South. But this step must be well thought out and is associated with many bureaucratic hurdles. We will help you with your personal new start. Here you can find out everything you need to know about our translation services and translation products. This will enable you to find out in advance what you need to have a particular document translated for and whether you may need a certified translation.

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FAQ: Our answers to your questions.

Most frequently asked questions about certified translations:

A certified translation is the translation of an official document, provided with the translator's attestation clause. Such a translation can only be carried out by court sworn translators. The translator confirms the accuracy of the translation with his/her signature, stamp and attestation clause. The authenticity of the translation is thus guaranteed in a legally binding manner. When you order your translation from lingoking, we guarantee that the translation will be done by a court sworn translator.

Additional quality assurance is provided by our certification according to the European quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100 for translation services. If you need to get it done quickly, we also offer an express translation service that allows you to meet even the tightest deadlines. Of course, we will treat your documents confidentially!

lingoking translates all types of documents and certifies the translation. The costs vary depending on the document (length) and the language selected. In the lingoking product configurator you can directly view the exact costs for the certified translation of your document. The best thing is: With us, you can also order the translation straight away. At lingoking, we guarantee the highest quality, fast implementation and your complete satisfaction — all at an unbeatable price.

For a small surcharge, you can also order additional certified copies and an additional digital version. You will receive your certified translation not only by post, but also digitally as a scan. In addition, our express service is also available to you if you need it very fast. Try it out directly!

In Germany, a certified translation may only be carried out by publicly appointed and sworn translators. The translator confirms the accuracy of the translation with his/her signature, stamp and attestation clause. The authenticity of the translation is thus guaranteed in a legally binding manner. This means that proofreading is no longer necessary and the translation is considered officially certified. These translations are thereby officially recognised and have worldwide validity.

Professional translators can opt for this further training and then apply to the court to be officially recognised as a sworn translator. Only about 3 per cent of all translators are sworn translators.

Our translators are subject to stringent controls. Your translation will therefore only be carried out by professionally trained and, where applicable, sworn translators and will thus be recognised by authorities, offices and other institutions.

Certified translations are particularly common in connection with offices, courts and colleges/universities. By certifying the translation, the translator vouches for the authenticity of the translation in a legally binding manner. Many documents can only be officially recognised with certification.

Certified translations of school and university certificates, driving licences and official documents such as birth or marriage certificates are particularly common.

However, certified translations of excerpts from the commercial register or contracts may also be required for international business transactions. It is best to check with the appropriate contact person whether certification is necessary. By the way, our translations are certified by translators who are sworn in by a court in Germany and are standardly accepted abroad. In some rare cases, countries have specific requirements for a certified translation, so we recommend that you check in advance with the relevant office to see what requirements apply in your case. If you have to submit the translation to the consulate, make sure you check whether the translation is to be done explicitly by a translator registered at the consulate. The consulate will be happy to give you information on this.

Also note: In rare cases, even additional authentication is required. In this case, the translator takes the certified translation to the court or office, which then additionally signs the translation, i.e. "authenticates" it.

In principle, certifications are valid for an unlimited period of time. However, the original documents often only have a limited validity, which is transferred to the translation. The original document and the certified translation thus have the same span of validity. In addition, it is often required (for example, for birth certificates for weddings) that the translation is not older than 6 months.

No. The original document is not necessary for an officially certified translation. You can scan or photograph the document to be translated and then upload it — after the payment process. The translator will send you the translated and certified document by registered post.

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