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Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, is one of the largest and economically strongest metropolises in the whole of Germany. Apart from large corporations, many small and medium-sized enterprises are also located there. It is not for nothing that Stuttgart is considered one of the most popular cities for German SMEs.


Successfully conducting international busines

Almost every company these days - no matter how small or large - also focuses on international business. Language support at a professional level is therefore important for companies that want to draw the attention of foreign customers to themselves, their products or their services. Mechanical engineering companies as well as car manufacturers, engineering offices, energy suppliers and tourism service providers count on professional interpreting services, whether a trade fair is planned, a large conference with customers and business partners or a factory tour with international visitors.

But the support of professional interpreters is also often needed in private life - for example at a marriage ceremony when one partner does not have a sufficient command of the language. Interpreting agencies in Stuttgart and the surrounding area will find you the right language service provider for any type of translation.

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Step by Step: Create translations

Do you need a specialist translation? A professional translation agency will accompany you from the initial consultation to the completion of the job. This includes the following steps:

  1. Clarification of all order details (language, scope, special requests to the translator, if applicable)
  2. Transmission of the document to the selected translator
  3. Translation by a professional translator
  4. Proofreading by a native-speaker second translator
  5. Transmission of the finished translation to the client (usually by e-mail or, in the case of certified translations, by post)

Also: You can complete all the above steps easily and conveniently online in the lingoking price calculator. Try it for yourself!


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At lingoking you will find your perfect interpreter: Send us your request and let us know for which language combination and occasion, as well as when and where you need an interpreter. We will then send you a personal offer. It’s easy and straightforward!
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Professional translation agencies don't just talk about quality - they do it. The European standard for translation services DIN EN ISO 17100 covers the quality assurance of a translation service - every professional translation agency should have certification according to this standard. A code of honour among translators and interpreters is also more or less standard. A confidentiality agreement should also be signed, especially for business, but also for private language services.

The right language experts are active in various specialist areas and can easily adapt to your requirement profile.

Our tip: Trust in lingoking. We have been providing professional interpreters and translators to companies and private individuals since 2010. We work to the highest quality standards. All our language service providers have a recognised university degree or at least three years of professional experience. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer. Simply send us your request via our contact form.

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Birth certificate

Certified translation received by mail in 7 working days. Any language. Recognized by authorities!

From € 52.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Drivers license

Certified translation. Approved by the authorities, every language possible!

From € 45.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Diploma / Degree

Certified translation received by mail. All languages. Recognized by authorities!

From € 59.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Marriage certificate

Certified translation.
Into any language you want and recognized by authorities!

From € 71.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Exam certificate

Certificate translation into any language. Express and with certification possible!

€ 99.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Employment reference letter

Translation by native-speaking translators. With certification possible!

From € 69.90 incl.
quality check