Technical translation

Whenever a document related to technological subjects is to be transferred into another language, technical translators are involved. Technical texts are defined by their terminology and commonly belong to practical areas or applications As these are particularly complex translation projects, it is crucial to carefully choose an expert who masters the conventions of technical writing.
On this page we would like to share some important information on how to find a translator for technical documents.

When do you need to translate technical documents?

Internationally active companies in the field of manufacturing or engineering that require their documents in more than one language are in need of technical translations. The high quality of translated technical documents is particularly important as the safety and precision of products and services are vital factors to the companies’ successes.

Examples of industries which usually make use of technical translation:

Which technical documents are to be translated?

Not only customers or clients require information about companies: Staff, investors and the press should also be provided with suitable information in the appropriate language. Here are some examples of technical documents:

What challenges arise from the translation of technical translations?

Translating technical documents requires a high standard of subject knowledge and the command of relevant terminology. The translator has to be vigilant about specific measurements and localisation issues during the translation process. A professional translator has to have detailed and comprehensive knowledge about industry standards, regulations and conventions.

Privacy is another important factor when dealing with technical documents. Due to competing businesses it is essential for manufacturers to protect their information. Nevertheless, technical documents must be transferred into other languages in advance of certain release dates. Integrity and loyalty are main characteristics of professional translators.

How to choose the right translation service for technical translation

Before you decide an a certain translation service, get to know all of your options. Take your time when choosing an agency or private translator. This checklist will help you find a suitable translator for your documents:

An upmarket translation service not only provides you with experienced and well trained translators but also guides you through the whole translation process. Please feel free to contact lingoking if you require a translation of your technical documents.

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