Medical translations

Medical documents have to be translated with extra care as the results can be a matter of life and death. Translated documents with medical subjects are becoming increasingly relevant for physicians and patients alike. Patients are frequently treated abroad and then moved home where their treatment continues. The doctors in charge need all of the relevant information, such as the medical records, at short notice. This is just one example of where medical translators come into play.


When do you need translations services for medical documents?

In order to treat or prevent illness, a lot of research is carried out all over the world. The United States is the global leader in the field of medical research followed by European and Asian countries. Medical researchers are heavily intertwined and rely on each other’s results. Therefore, information on medical subjects is permanently exchanged and published. Professional translations of these papers are undoubtedly essential to global health.

Examples of companies which usually make use of medical translation:

  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical devices
  • Biotec companies
  • Clinical research organisations
  • And more

Aside from medical research, there are numerous other applications for medical translators and interpreters. Among the most frequently translated medical documents are:

  • Clinical studies
  • Medical application documentation
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Pharmaceutical reports
  • Research studies
  • Medical patents
  • Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • And many more

Today, migration is already an important factor in the day-to-day business of hospitals and clinics. Physician-patient consultations without a common language require interpreters with medical knowledge. Since such consultations are extremely private, interpreters with discretion are essential for the patient’s well-being.

What challenges arise from the translation of medical documents?

Medical subjects are discussed using a large number of relevant medical terminology and technical terms. Translating medical documents not only requires in-depth medical knowledge but also a sense for the medical jargon. Additionally, the translated documents have to be extremely precise and clearly understandable.

Medical documents often contain diagrams and lists with lots of numbers and figures. In order to assure the quality of the target text, the linguist needs to fully understand them.

Health and illness are some of the most intimate aspects of life. Patient data, as well as research results, therefore have to be treated with the utmost respect and privacy. Integrity is the key characteristic of medical translators and interpreters.

How to choose the right translation services for your translation

Learn more about how to find the best translation agency for your project here.

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Other (specialist) translation

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What to expect from medical translation services

The best agencies will have four key attributes:

  • Knowledge: The translator of interpreter needs to have broad knowledge of medical terms and processes.
  • Skills of the translator/interpreter: In some cases, medical translators and interpreters have to be certified by a nationally recognized certifying body. Please get in touch with us to find out whether certified translation needs to be provided.
  • Services provided by the translation agency: A great customer service, confidential and reliable work, a personal account manager, data security and fast documentation turnaround are qualities of professional agencies.
  • Project management skills: Enough capacity and scalability are important aspects. In general, a customized approach is crucial to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Summary: Translation of medical documents

When you need your medical documents translated, it’s important to get it done properly. Using a professional translation service is the best way to make sure translations meet all requirements made by immigration authorities.

A premium translation company like lingoking can provide you with an accurate and fast translation while at the same time always protecting your privacy. Get in touch with us if you require a translation of your medical documents and find out how we can help you!

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