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lingoking is your competent translation agency in Munich. With just a few clicks, you can receive your individual and cost-effective quote for specialist translations, certified translations and interpreting services.

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We offer

  • Translation services
  • Sworn and certified translations
  • Technical translations
  • Interpreting services

Our language services

We work exclusively with native speakers, for all translation and interpreting services. Thus, we guarantee the highest quality in terms of grammar, spelling and technical terms. Find your translator or interpreter now with lingoking!


Translator in Munich

lingoking offers reliable written translations in all languages and for all areas, whether private or business. Our translators, who work worldwide, are state-certified and sworn, and we also offer certified translations. Calculate the fixed price for your written translations with just a few clicks in our shop:

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Interpreter in Munich

We offer interpreters from Munich in many languages and fields. Use our services to ensure the success of your international conventions, seminars, negotiations or events. Our interpreters will also accompany you to your visit to the authorities or doctor or translate orally at your private events.

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Customer feedback

Customer feedback

We are very satisfied with the translation service from German into Spanish, French and Italian. The delivery was speedy, all the staff at lingoking were very helpful. In particular, the Spansich translator Miguel Martin A. did an excellent job. We look forward to the next translation with lingoking.

Corina Kwyfel, Editorial Manager at Alt & Cramer GmbH

Your advantages with lingoking

Price transparency
You can easily determine your low fixed price using the price calculator – so you can reliably plan and budget your project.

Express Delivery
You will receive your translation by e-mail within a few hours – certified translations are sent by post within two working days. We will provide you with an interpreter within one to two working days.

Quality guarantee
We handle the project management and the coordination of the translators and interpreters to ensure the quality of the service. If there are any changes, you can also contact the translator directly.


Find a translator in Munich in a few easy steps

  1. Your request
    Select your translation product in our navigation above or by using the search box. Enter the number of pages and the desired language combination.

  2. Our offer
    Our price calculator calculates the fixed price for your translation.

  3. Translation
    Select your shipping method and confirm the order.

  4. Qualitäty assurance
    We will choose the most suitable translator for you. If you have any questions, requests or corrections, you can also contact the translator directly.

  5. Delivery
    We will send you your translation on time by e-mail – certified translations will be sent to you reliably by post.


Easy and straightforward: Find an interpreter in Munich

  1. Contact request
    Contact us with your request for an interpreter via our contact form.

  2. Offer & queries
    We will provide you with a quote for your interpreter – for more individual requests, we will define together which interpreter best suits you.

  3. Your interpreting service
    Our interpreter translates orally at your private or business event.

We translate and interpret in all world languages

For translations, we distinguish between three language groups with their own word or page prices:

Group 1
German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Chinese and all other Romance and Slavic languages

Group 2
Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Kurdish, Dari, Farsi (Persian) and further Asian languages

Group 3
Pashto, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Japanese, Icelandic

Other languages available on request!


Highly qualified interpreters and translators

Our interpreters and translators
– have many years of professional experience
– have an education at a recognised university or college and have been accredited by the American Translation Association
– or alternatively are a member of a translators' association and/or have been sworn in by a court of law
– have, for the purpose of inclusion in our database, signed a confidentiality agreement for the protection of your data.

Your certified partner


Our translation agency: The beginning

"During a road trip together through Corsica, our car's gearshift went on the blink - and we had to rely on our school French to interpret our way through with our car insurance company. How much we would have appreciated professional help in this situation... So it was out of our own necessity that lingoking was born in 2010: A platform that helps overcome language barriers in everyday life and also in emergencies."

Nils Mahler and Timo Müller, founders of lingoking

At the heart of lingoking are our interpreters and translators::

  • 1.500 professional interpreters & translators in our global network

  • 10 million words translated per year

  • 13.500 customers worldwide

Here's what your language solution can look like

Case study: Certified translation for work or study purposes

„The translator was very friendly and responded quickly to questions. Very good. It was also inexpensive, which is key when it comes to report cards for students.“
A customer on 2 April 2019

Case study: On-site interpreters for your events

„Fast, reliable and friendly service. The prices at lingoking are better than at other agencies (as far as I have been able to verify) and my translation orders were processed in a more than timely manner, and the interpreters were always on time and did a very good job.“
A customer on 4 August 2019

Case study: Translation of your website

„lingoking's service is very reliable and fast with a consistently high quality. Particularly noteworthy is the smooth project management and supporting communication.“
Laura Garde, Country Manager France at Amorelie

Case study: Sworn interpreter for your wedding

„I am very satisfied with your service. The communication was excellent. Prompt and constructive. The interpreter carried out her work in a reliable, friendly and professional manner. I can highly recommend lingoking. Thank you.“
A Customer on 4 February 2019

Your translation agency in Munich

Frequently asked questions

What do the translations and interpreters cost?

ou can calculate our favourable fixed prices for translations with just a few clicks via our shop. For extensive projects and interpreting services, we will provide you with an individual quotation.

How quickly can I get a translation and an interpreter?

Through our global network of translators, you will receive your documents within the shortest possible time: In most cases, we provide your translation within 48 hours. You will receive express translations by e-mail within a few hours. You will receive certified translations by post within 2 working days. We can provide you with an interpreter within one working day.

What types of translations does lingoking offer?

At lingoking you can get any form of text translation. These include CVs, certified translations, tax returns, letters and emails, medical translations, legal translations, technical translations, advertising brochures or even the translation of websites or other media formats.

I have special requirements for the interpreter...

Do you have special wishes and requirements regarding location, technology, time frame, number of participants or similar? Please contact us with your wishes via our contact form:

What if I am not satisfied with the translation?

You can use our chat function to communicate directly with the translator at any time and have changes made to the translation. For complex requirements, our team of experienced project managers will be happy to assist you in order to ensure the quality of the translation.

How is the quality of the service ensured?

Quality has top priority at lingoking! We work exclusively according to the criteria of DIN EN ISO 17100. In addition, we have developed our own quality promise in close cooperation with professional interpreters, universities and associations, which guarantees you security, trust and the highest quality. Every lingoking translator must have a recognised qualification and is carefully checked. In addition, a strict confidentiality agreement must be signed.

How does lingoking handle my data?

Data protection has a particularly high priority for the management of lingoking GmbH. The use of our website is possible without any indication of personal data. However, if a data subject wants to use special enterprise services via our website, processing of personal data could become necessary. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no legal basis for such processing, we generally obtain the consent of the data subject. Read our privacy policy here.