What does whispering interpreting mean?

As this takes place at a very low volume, this method of whispered interpreting benefits a maximum audience of two at a time. However technology can be used to reach a wider audience: the interpreter whispers their translation into a wireless microphone which is then transmitted to the participant's headsets. Whispered interpreting is generally used when not too many participants require a translation. Here's a good example: during a multilingual conference only one participant comes from Finnland. Naturally, they would like to understand the meeting. Whispered interpreting is here the ideal solution, as it will not disturb the other guests. Other occasions suited to this style of interpreting include mono or multilingual tours through loud production rooms, small workshops, or seminars.

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Choosing an interpreter can be a considerable challenge. As a customer, you expect each interpreter to have extensive experience alongside their excellent language knowledge. If you are looking to save yourself the effort and frustration of the search, then you should take advantage of lingoking's services. Our network of translators and interpreters provides whispered interpreting around the world, and can fulfil any of your language combination requirements. It doesn't matter which languages or which continent - we will find you the right professional. Our interpreters are all qualified and with many years professional experience. Is confidentiality important to you? Well, it's important to us too, which is why all of our interpreters have to sign our code of ethics and a non-disclosure agreement before they are accepted into our database.

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Whether for large meetings, small conferences, or client tours of company premises - if you need a whispering interpreter, we are here for you. Contact our customer service to put our whispered interpreter network into action. As soon as we receive your assignment, we immediately start our search for the perfect whispering interpreter so that we can present you with a lucrative offer.

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