What is simultaneous interpreting?

While the interpreter is listening attentively to the speech, they are also translating in their head so that they can immediately reproduce the text in the foreign language. The opposite of a simultaneous interpreter is a consecutive interpreter, who only begins to give their translation once the speaker has finished.

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Which situations really benefit from simultaneous interpreting?

In comparison to consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting saves you valuable time. Participants are able to hear the translation during the original speech, and long pauses are avoided. We highly recommend the use of simultaneous interpreters at training courses when the instructor speaks a foreign language - this way only a few seconds can elapse between receiving the study material and the translation. It is also worth employing a simultaneous interpreter for exhbition visits, site visits, or international negotiations. For many companies, "time is money", and so when information is immediately translated this is a pleasant surprise which reflects positively on your company.

Why lingoking?

We offer a wide range of interpreting services, and can find you a simultaneous translator for a significant number of language combinations. Whether German, Italian, Arabic, or Chinese - to us, linguistic flexibility is of the utmost importance.

This is where being an organisation with a worldwide network has a particular advantage - we have contact with interpreters around the globe and can find the right person for every occasion. It doesn't matter whether you are planning a conference, are conducting important negotiations or are participating in a telephone conference – our simultaneous interpreters have experience in a wide range of fields.

Specialist areas such as “business & trade”, “politics”, “software & internet” and “science & research” are also taken into consideration whilst choosing an interpreter. Simply fill out our form or call us – the lingoking project management team will work with you to find your ideal simultaneous interpreter.

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