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The right interpreting equipment


Tour guide system

A portable interpretation system is a receiver (mostly wireless via radio or infrared) with earphones attached. In the so-called stethoset, the headphones and receiver are combined into one device. This means that participants in a conference, tour or similar can listen to the interpretation of what is being said. The interpreter needs a transmitter and a microphone in order to transmit the interpretation, and, if necessary, headphones or an earpiece to listen to the source text. A headset is comfortable, as it combines a microphone and headphones in one device.

The term whispering equipment also refers to a tour guide system. In this case, the interpreter is in the immediate vicinity and therefore must whisper his interpretation into the microphone so as not to disturb the actual speaker. Therefore, the microphone is particularly sensitive.

Interpreting booth

An interpretation booth or translation booth is a sound-proof booth, in which the interpreters work during a conference, meeting, or similar. The interpreters hear what is said through headphones. The interpreter system works through a microphone with which the interpretation is transmitted to the receivers. Interpreters are much more able to work in the quiet of the booth. An interpreting booth is particularly necessary for simultaneous interpreting.

When using an interpreting booth, it is imperative that the speaker uses an audio system so that the source text can be transmitted through the headphones of the interpreters. There are mobile and fixed interpreting systems. Mobile systems can be quickly put together and dismantled and can be used everywhere. A fixed interpreting system belongs in the inventory of fully equipped conference rooms.

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Conference technology

The correct conference equipment is essential for a successful conference. Stages, music or audio equipment, presentation technology, projectors – you can rent or lease all of this from our partners hassle-free. So that your interpreting assignment is a complete success, we recommend also having efficient conference technology. With the perfect combination of audio system, microphones, headsets, interpreting booths, transmitters and receivers, your event is guaranteed to be a complete success.

The use of quality premium brands, such as Sennheiser and Bosch, ensures a successful combination of individual components. Everything comes from a single source and the systems are installed and maintained by an experienced technician. Talk to us – we can find you the right event technology together with the required interpreters.

Would you like to hire the right interpreting technology? We at lingoking together with our partners would like to support you with this. Even if you don’t know exactly which technology you require, we can advise you. Call us on 0044 20 380 866 16 or fill in our contact form:

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You will find more conference interpreting terms clearly explained in our glossary.