Escort Interpreter

What is an escort interpreter?

As the name suggests, escort interpreters accompany their client to events, visits, or on their travels. Escort interpreting is extremely useful, especially for company premises visits, city visits or exhibitions. Escort interpreters mainly translate for small groups or individuals. 

What makes a good escort interpreter?

Escort interpreters have much more direct contact with the client than other interpreters, and as a result their remit is much wider. 

  • Cultural understanding is a great advantage here: escort interpreters also explain cultural background and give special hints and tips.
  • An escort interpreter does not only translate what is said in the foreign language, but can also reproduce comments or questions in the foreign language when needed. This allows the client to participate actively in discussions.
  • Escort interpreters must have perfect command of both the target and source language. 

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How do I find a suitable escort interpreter?

Before organising an escort interpreter for your event, you will want to be sure that they meet all of your requirements. Trust lingoking's service and benefit from access to our substantial network of interpreters. We provide escort interpreters with many years of experience and a degree from a university or college. Diversity is one of our best qualities: we organise escort interpreters in your required language combination and specialist field. As we have strong links with interpreters around the globe, location is no problem for us: we will find you the perfect escort interpreter, whether it be in your home country or abroad.

Aside from comprehensive specialist knowledge, our interpreters also offer the strictest confidentiality. Here at lingoking, this is of the utmost importance: before we accept interpreters into our database they are required to sign our code of ethics and a non-disclosure agreement.

Customised escort interpreter services

As an experienced interpreting network, we offer qualified escort interpreters worldwide. Of course we recognise that our customers' requirements can vary greatly. In order to offer the perfect service, we will find a professional exactly suited to your needs. Our advisers are more than happy to help you find an interpreter with the right language combination.

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